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    What browser and operating system are you using?  In house testing this does not occur in Firefox or Chrome on OS X.

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    Normally the on wiki CSS will be stored under MediaWiki:Hydra.css for bright wikis or MediaWiki:Hydradark.css for dark wikis.

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    Quote from Sheela_2 >>

    I find it annoying that whenever I'm doing something on Wowpedia that I now get spammed with the "I Like You" website achievement for wikis that I have never visited, let alone even heard of.  Crossing my fingers that it'll get itself over soon.  I mean, there's only 900 or so more to go, right?  °\_O_/°

     Sorry about that.  Retroactively awarding people the friends achievements with existing friends originally was not included on the initial launch of achievements.  It was requested that it should be and that is what you are seeing now.  However, since the achievements extension is now fully live and out of maintenance the pop ups for them will be displayed instead of being suppressed.  This is one of times a time machine would be useful!

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