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    How to Build a Bomb AO
    By Claytano


    Welcome back everyone! The past couple weeks we have gone over how to build a couple different types of arena offenses in Summoners War but we’re not done yet! We know how to cleave and we know how to Lushen so now we will learn how to bomb!


    Before we go too far into this guide I want to warn you guys with full disclosure that a bomb arena offense is heavily reliant on Seara, the wind Oracle. This is because her 3rd skill, promised time, immediately detonates all bombs that are on the enemies. Without Seara, a bomb arena offense is still possibly but way more likely to fail because the enemy will have a chance to remove the bombs if they are not detonated with Seara.

    Now that I have that out of the way, let’s continue! We know that we most likely need to have a Seara, but now we need to think about what monsters to pair well with her. The obvious option would be to add another area of effect (AOE) bomber with her. This is a monster that will drop one bomb on to each enemy at the same time. Some examples are Dover (Light Kobold Bomber), Liebli (Dark Joker), Malaka (Water Kobold Bomber, and Jojo (Fire Joker). Of course, some bombers are more desirable than others due to additional base stats that give you higher attack or added accuracy. However, any AOE bomber will be able to get the job done!


    The next piece of the puzzle can be filled by a variety of other units just as long as that monster can give your team the attack power buff. A few good options would be Bastet (Water Desert Queen), Megan (Water Mystic Witch), and Galleon (Water Pirate Captain). The reason behind bringing an attack power booster with you is the fact that bombs deal more damage based on the amount of attack you have. All other stats don’t matter when it comes to the actual damage output from the bomb itself. If you don’t an attack power booster or feel like you want to try something a bit fancier, you do have the option to use a second AOE bomber instead. Keep in mind the, damage output from 1 bomb plus attack power boost might exceed 2 bombs without attack power boost so it’s a good idea to do some testing to see which one does more damage based on your specific runes.


    Lastly, to put everything together we need a unit that can remove any will runes or immunity from the enemies to clear the path for our bombs. This type of monster is known as a buff stripper. Most of the time the best monster for this slot is Tiana (Wind Polar Queen). Like the other roles though, there are several other alternatives ranging from other 5 star monsters to 4 star monsters such as Soha (Water Nine-Tailed Fox) and Aquilla (Wind Brownie Magician). At the end of the day, if you are able to successfully remove the enemy’s buffs you will give your team a much higher chance of winning!


    We now know the 4 types of monsters that we want to bring into our bomb arena offense and a strong example would be Seara (Lead), Tiana, Dover, Bastet. But let’s talk a little bit about turn order and runes. We want to have our buff stripping unit go first so that it clears the way for all of the other monsters on your team. In this case it’s Tiana. If Tiana went after any of your monsters it would completely remove all of your buffs and potentially all of the bombs you just placed on your opponent so make sure your turn order is correct! After Tiana, we are free to add our attack buff onto our units. We want to do this before landing any bombs because the amount of damage is based on the attack when you place the bomb rather than the attack when the bomb detonates. Using Bastet or Megan to boost our attack will also give us an added attack bar boost to ensure the enemy monsters won’t cut in between or combo.


    Once you have prepped the battlefield with Tiana and Bastet, you are now free to bomb. Use your AOE bomber next to place 1 bomb on each enemy. We have this monster go before Seara because we know when Seara moves she will be able to detonate all of the active bombs. It’s okay if you happen to miss a bomb on one of the monsters because Seara is also able to place 1 bomb and instantly gain another turn with her second skill. If you miss 2 or 3 bombs with your AOE bomber it will be much harder to win at this point so make sure you are building your bombers with enough accuracy to get the job done. Typically, around 70% or higher.


    Now it’s Seara’s turn. Like we talked about, we want to use her second skill to place a bomb on any monster that hasn’t received a bomb, or, if all 4 monsters received a bomb successfully from your AOE bomber then choose the monster with the most threat to aim for with a second bomb from Seara. Once the bombs have been placed we are able to complete the combo and detonate them all with Seara’s third skill. At this point the enemy should be dead or extremely close to it leaving you with just a few leftovers to clean up before claiming your victory in battle!

    Bomb AO’s are extremely powerful when used correctly so invest runes into the 4 monsters for the best possible results. That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for the next one.


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    How to Build Lushen AO
    By Claytano


    Hey everyone! Claytano here with another Summoners War article. Last week I went over how to build a different style of arena offense known as the ‘Cleave AO’. It requires very specific monsters to be successful that not everyone has so to give you all another great option if you happen to not have all the components of a Cleave Arena Offense team, I will teach you how to build a Lushen Arena Offense along with possible variations.


    The single most important thing to creating a Lushen AO is, you guessed it, a Lushen. Sometimes you might even need two Lushens! But we will get to that in a little bit. The best way to get your hands on the green joker is to save up summoning stones from guild wars and Trial of Ascension until he shows up in a summoning rotation. Trust me he is definitely worth the wait, even more so than a lot of natural born 5-star monsters that are obtainable through summoning stones and much easier obtain on top of it!


    Aside from summoning stones you can also get yourself a Lushen through Legendary Scrolls, Wind Legendary Scrolls, Wind Elemental Scrolls, Mystical Scrolls, and certain events in the game. Keep in mind there is a lower chance of obtaining him through scrolls instead of summoning stones since there is a much higher variation of monsters that can come from scrolls rather than a small pool of units from stones.


    Once you have your first Lushen, you can immediately start looking into building a Lushen AO by pairing him with a few other units that can be obtained through quests or farming extremely easily. First, I will go over how to make a Lushen AO with only a single Lushen. Later, we will get into other variations using two Lushens in a single offense team.


    When only using a single Lushen in your arena offense it is typically referred to as a “Fat Lushen” since you will have to make your Lushen do as much damage as you possibly can with little worry on how fast he is. Often times people build him on a rage/blade rune set to maximize damage while having Attack Percentage on slots 2 and 6, and Critical Damage Percentage on slot 4. Focus on getting his Critical Rate as close to 100 percent as you possibly can while not forgetting about attack percent and critical damage percent substats.


    All this damage but how do we get him to take a turn? Let’s start figuring out who we want to pair our Lushen with now that we have him all runed up and ready to go! Anytime I am creating an arena offense team I like to start with the monster I’m going to use as the leader skill. You would be surprised how much a leader skill can make or break your team. Since our Lushen is slow with high damage, most of the time we want to help him out with some extra speed so going with a speed leader skill would definitely be beneficial in this situation. Psamathe, with his 33% speed leader skill will almost always be your best option however, if you happen to not be so lucky as to have the elusive Water Fairy King, there are always going to be alternatives. A few of them include; Vanessa, Fei, Gin, Susano, and even Tyron.


    Second, we need to bring ourselves and attack power booster that can also double as an attack gauge booster as well such as Bastet, Megan, Konamiya, and Teon. The idea is to use the speed leader skill for a fast attack power/gauge boosting unit to boost your Lushen up enough to take a turn and then for him to be able to do enough damage to take out at least 2 to 3 of the enemy’s defense units, potentially even all 4 of them! One other unit you will be wanting to bring with you would be an extremely fast gauge boosting unit that is there solely to out speed anything you come across.


    An example of this arena offense would be; Psamathe (Leader), Frigate (Gauge Booster), Bastet (Attack Power/Gauge Booster), and Lushen. Frigate is built as fast as possible so it will out speed your opponent and allow Bastet to take the next turn so she can boost the attack gauge again along with the attack power. After Bastet, Psamathe will reset the enemy’s abilities so they aren’t able to heal or revive, then Lushen gets the next turn and annihilates everything in his path! If you wanted to use more obtainable units, your offense would look something like this; Gin (Leader, obtainable through Hall of Heroes), Kabilla (Gauge Booster, obtainable through Light and Dark scrolls as a natural 3-star monster), Teon (Attack Power/Gauge Booster, obtainable through beginner quests), Lushen. The success of this style of team relies on 2 things, how fast your initial gauge boosting unit is and how much damage your Lushen does.


    Although, single Lushen or “Fat Lushen” offenses have been more relevant lately than “Double Lushen” offenses, I would still like to explain how they work as they can be useful in certain situations. For the offense we obviously have to have 2 Lushens instead of one but which units are the best 2 to pair with them? Again, let’s start with the leader skill and we have a few options for this such as Bernard and Megan that both have attack power leader skills. There’s also the option to run a speed leader on this offense as well. Your Lushens are going typically going to be much faster for this offense and ideally be the exact same speed. The more gap in speed they have with each other, they higher chance there is to have the enemy heal up their entire team before your second Lushen gets a turn. Also, these Lushens will do much less damage since you will be sacrificing damage for speed. If you choose to not use a speed leader then your attack gauge booster such as Bernard will have to just be that much faster if you plan on out speeding enemy speed defenses. However, double Lushens are typically best used against tanky, stall type defenses where worrying about out speeding isn’t necessarily an issue.


    An example of this offense would be Bernard (leader), Megan (Attack Power/Gauge Booster), Lushen, Lushen. The faster you can make your Lushens without sacrificing too much damage is crucial in this offense. Also, building your second Lushen with Will runes is never a bad idea incase you are fighting against a Psamathe that likes to come back to life and stun your second Lushen whether you like it or not!


    Hopefully this helped you guys out in creating your own Lushen offenses and you are able to successfully utilize its power to your advantage! It can be one of the fastest clearing offenses in the game if done right which is especially important during the last hour of arena before the rankings tally. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more guides every week!


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    How to Build A Cleave AO

    By Claytano


    Hey everyone! It’s Claytano, back with another Summoners War: Sky Arena article. This week’s topic will be all about how to build an expert cleave arena offense team. Don’t know what a cleave arena offense is? Perfect! I will explain it all for you right now.


    So, in order to build ourselves an expert cleave arena offense team, the first thing we need to do is understand what “cleave” means. Cleave, in general, it means “to make your way through something forcefully, as if by splitting it apart.” Which is exactly what our goal is when using this type of arena offense. We want to enter the fight and win within just a few turns. Preferably one turn for each of the 4 units that you are going to bring with you.

    What 4 units should you bring? You might think the answer to this question is simply answered with me giving you 4 names of 4 different monsters and sending you on your merry way. Wrong! There are several options for each role and they all have a very specific job to do. Also, if they are not there to do their specific job the whole thing could fail miserably so let’s be careful when selecting our units.


    I will first talk about the main components that make up a cleave composition then we can discuss what units can best fit that template and hopefully be able to use some common units that a majority of people would have.


    Component 1: Buff Stripper

    The first thing you need in your offense for a good cleave team is a buff stripping unit. A unit that will remove all of the buffs that the opposing team might have from either runes, such as will runes and shield runes, or skills that buff immunity, invincibility, or really anything that would prevent our team from having a clear shot at the enemy. Some examples of monsters that possess reliable buff stripping skills are as follows: Tiana, Juno, Praha, Triton, Soha, Aquilla, Gemini and many more. You will notice that there a several option that are not natural 5 star units and they are more easily obtainable than you would think!


    Component 2: Defense Break

    The next thing we want to bring with us is an area of effect (AOE) defense breaking unit. Defense break debuff is one of the most important aspects of the game and reduces the opponents defense by a large percentage! Some examples of monsters that have the ability to defense break all of your opponent’s monsters at the same time are as follows: Galleon, Luer, Gemini, Mantura, and of course many other units!


    Component 3: Attack Boost

    Now that we have successfully removed our opponent’s buffs with our buff stripper and have reduced their defense with our defense breaker, we now want to buff all of our units with the attack buff. This will make our monsters deal a lot more damage, again, keeping in mind we want to clear their team in the first turn or two. Some examples of monsters that can grant our entire team with the attack power buff are as follows: Galleon, Bastet, Megan, Hwahee, Aquilla, and as always there are a number of other units that are not listed that will also do the trick!


    If you have noticed by now there a few certain monsters that have come up more than once in different categories. These units are probably a good choice for building your team around because they fill 2 or more roles within a single unit such as Galleon’s Time to Loot skill that increases attack power of all allies for 2 turns as well as decreases all enemies defense for 2 turns in a single skill! Another thing to note is that since Galleons skill doesn’t damage the enemies, it is not subject to glancing hits which decreases the chances of landing the debuff.


    Component 4: Area of Effect Damage Dealers

    For this component we actually need more than one, hence why “Damage Dealers” is pluralized. The reasoning behind this is that if you happen to not out speed the enemy to allow all of your units to strike first, chances are one of your damage dealers will die since they are normally built for damage and not sustaining hits against them. If all of your damage dealers die then you won’t be able to successfully cleave your opponent. An AOE damage dealer is a monster that can produce a ton of damage across all of the enemy units in a single move. Some examples of monsters that are AOE damage dealers are as follows: Zaiross, Tosi, Sige, Sigmarus, Teshar, Alicia, and many more.


    Now that we know what components we need to start building our team let’s talk about some of the best options we have to make a successful cleave arena offense. To fill the role of a buff stipper, Tiana is second to none as her 3rd ability cannot be resisted by the enemy so let’s use her as our first component. She can also act as a 3rd damage dealer with her 2nd ability if it comes back around to her turn. Let’s then bring Galleon as our attack power booster and AOE defense breaker to kill two birds with one stone. Lastly, for our damage dealers I will choose Zaiross and Tosi to provide heavy AOE damage and also utilize the 33% attack power boost from Zaiross’ leader skill.


    We have our team! Zaiross leader, with Tiana, Galleon, and Tosi but were not quite done yet. Running our units is just as important as picking the units themselves. We need to make sure that their turn order is correct with our buff stripper going first to clear the way for our AOE defense breaker to go next, then immediately roll into our damage dealers at the end. The closer we can get our units in speed with each other the better chance we have of getting our combo off correctly without an enemy unit cutting in between one of our monsters and messing the whole thing up! Using the team we built, the correct turn order will look like this; Tiana, Galleon, Zaiross, Tosi, Tiana. By the time Tiana goes a second time, the team should be dead! Congratulations, you have successfully cleaved your enemy!


    One last thing to note is that if you are not able to out speed your opponent’s team then using one set of will runes on all of your monsters will be extremely crucial so that way your combo is less likely to be broken up by one of your units being stunned etc. Also, adding one shield set to any of your monsters will allow them to last a hit or two more before dying which again will increase your odds of success.That’s all for today everyone! As always, I hope this has helped you out in understanding how to build your very own cleave arena offense team and I can’t wait to see you guys in the next one!

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    Fastest Way to Level Monsters


    By Claytano


    Hey everyone! Claytano here, and today I am going to teach you guys the most efficient way to level up your monsters in Summoners War: Sky Arena. I am going to break it down into easy to follow steps and also do my best to explain the reasoning behind each item as well to help you understand the thought process behind it.


    Step 1: Getting A Farming Unit

    One of the first things you want to work on when you start playing is getting yourself a “farming unit”. A farming unit is a single monster that is able to completely clear a dungeon on its own without the help of any other units during the battle. Some common monsters include Lapis (Water Magic Knight) and Sigmarus (Water Phoenix). Both units can be obtained for free either through quests or the fusion hexagon respectively. Keep in mind there are many other units that work well as farming units and these are just examples of a couple that you don’t have to spend any money to obtain.


    Step 2: Choosing the Perfect Stage

    Once you have your farming unit leveled up and runed to the point where it is able to clear dungeons on its own, the next thing to consider is what stage is the best for you to use your unit in. The most popular dungeon is Faimon Volcano: Hell Mode, Stage 1. Note, you don’t receive more experience by increasing the stage number, only new areas and harder modes will grant more experience so it’s always best to farm on the first stage of each area. The examples from step 1, Sigmarus and Lapis, work great in Faimon Volcano.


    Step 3: Double Experience

    Summoners War will oftentimes run events that grant higher experience drops from running dungeons so that will be a perfect time to start running those dungeons! But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, what do we do if there is not currently a Double Experience event going on? Well, the best thing for you to do is go into the shop and purchase a 3-day double experience boost ticket for 200 crystals. I highly recommend not buying the 1-day double experience boost for 100 crystals as you can imagine it is not the most efficient way to spend your crystals. You will also receive various double experience boosts through other events and quests so be sure to save those until you are ready to farm experience!


    Step 4: Putting It Together

    You have your farming unit, you have your dungeon picked out, and now you have your double experience booster ready to go! Now all we have to do is put it all together and start grinding those dungeons! So, apply your 2x experience booster by opening your inbox after you purchase it and head over to Faimon Volcano: Hell Mode, Stage 1. Place your farming unit into the lineup and remove all other monsters. You will have 3 open slots to place other units in and these will be filled by monsters completely up to you! Remember, these 3 units are the ones that you will actually be leveling so make sure they are not max level, otherwise they will be stealing experience from the monsters that aren’t max level. For example: Dungeons drop a set total amount of experience that is evenly divided amongst the units that you use to defeat the dungeon. So, if it drops 20,000 experience and you use 4 units to defeat the dungeon, each unit will be granted 5,000 experience each regardless if they are max level or not. Of course, if they are already max level it won’t have any effect on the unit so be sure to not waste that precious experience! Once you have your units set, the only thing left to do is hit ‘Battle!’.


    Additional Tip/Tricks:

    Since the experience you receive after defeating a dungeon is evenly distributed amongst YOUR units, it is a good idea to use a friend’s rep monster to clear the dungeon for you instead of using your farming unit. The experience you receive will now be distributed evenly amongst your 3 units and give no experience to your friend’s rep monster. This is the fastest way to level your monsters hands down!

    Friend reps, as you can imagine are extremely important so make sure you are actively talking in global chat to make as many quality friends as possible to help you level up your monsters and even help you defeat harder dungeon you might not have been able to defeat without them! Expert tip: Friend reps reset at the same time your server resets every day. Take advantage of this by using your 24-hour double experience boosters or less at a time that allows you to use all of your friend’s reps twice during a single experience booster. For example: if the server resets at 12am, use the experience booster at 8pm and use each rep monster on your list to farm experience before the server resets at 12am. Then, after 12am, all of your friend’s reps will be available for you to use again to get all of that extra experience again!


    That’s all for today everyone! I hope this has helped you out in understanding how to level your monsters in the most efficient way possible. I can’t wait to see you guys in the next one!

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