• published the article Team-Based Shooter 'Overwatch' Announced at Blizzcon

    Announced at Blizzcon in front of an eager audience today was Blizzard's first new IP in 17 years! Dubbed Overwatch (yes, we already have a wiki), the game is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on earth in the near future. Matches will pit a large range of heroes against one another in face-paced conflict, including soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and more.

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  • published the article Get Crafty with Rogue Wizards
    We recently told you about the Kickstarter for the dungeon-crawling role-playing game, Rogue Wizards. In Rogue Wizards you are a wizard searching for treasure and battling demons in dynamically-generated dungeons. We told you a bit about the game, but we didn't mention anything about the game's crafting... well, until now.
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  • published the article Unleash The Evil Within Today
    This is the most wonderful time of the year... if you enjoy having the pants scared off of you. Which most people do, so you're in luck. Today (or October 16th in Australia) Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks have unleashed their callback to classic survival horror - The Evil Within.
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  • published the article Gamepedia MediaWiki 1.23 Update
    Gamepedia will be updating to MediaWiki version 1.23 on Wednesday, September 10th 2014. This upgrade will begin at 8am CDT and is expected to take about 4 hours. During this time, all Gamepedia wikis will be in full maintenance mode, meaning they will be unable to be accessed during this time. We will be posting updates on this forum thread and our Twitter page, so please check back to stay up-to-date as the maintenance happens.
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  • published the article Announcing the New Look and Features!

    The Gamepedia team is proud to announce the launch of its new design for! This new look features better navigation, an updated logo, and many other improvements! We're also happy to present you with the soft launch of the forums. Feel free to stop in and join the discussion and give us your feedback on our hot new look.

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  • published the article Curse Voice and SMITE Join Forces: Claim Your Free 200 Gems Today!

    We at Curse are extremely excited to announce a partnership with Hi-Rez Studios which is sure to take your SMITE experience to the next level. You can now step up your games by using Curse Voice to organize and destroy the opposition!

    Chatting with teammates has never been easier. Simply create sessions with the click of a button -- you can launch right from in-game and start coordinating over our low-latency servers all for FREE. Curse Voice integrates fully into the SMITE client, providing you with an unmatched overlay experience.

    This means you can easily create and share voice sessions while in queue or during god select, and you'll even see voice notifications next to god portraits while you play! Never worry about manually creating and sharing sessions, either, because Curse Voice automatically detects and matches you with teammates running the software. 

    Best of all? All players that play a game of Smite while using Curse Voice before August 31 will receive a code to claim a free 200 gems, and one lucky player between now and July 18th will also win an additional 8000 gems!

    Haven't played the game before? SMITE is a free-to-play online battleground between gods. Choose your deity and jump into the fray, using the powers you've been granted to triumph over your opponents in 5v5 team matches from a 3rd person perspective. It's a tactical, mythical game which puts you into the thick of the action to move and fight your way through dynamic battlegrounds.

    Lastly, to celebrate SMITE and Curse Voice combining forces, we're proud to bring you an amazing giveaway! One Grand Prize winner will reign supreme with a new Alienware X51 and 8,000 SMITE gems! Five first prize winners will get 3,500 gems to start off their quest in the hottest new MOBA on the market. We'll see you on the battlefield!

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  • published the article Announcing Curse Profiles, Wikipoints, Levels, and more!

    Greetings Gamepedia fans, today we are announcing the release of a whole set of new features for Gamepedia! These features will be implemented tomorrow, Thursday May 8th. The biggest of these features is a new extension called Curse Profiles that will not only introduce an entirely new way to connect with other wiki readers and contributors, but will also include a new system allowing you to gain points and levels with each edit! So, I'm here to show you the basics of these new features, so continue reading to see what's new, but here's a quick summary:

    • New Profile Page Replacing User Pages
    • Favorite Wiki Display, Wikipoints, and Levels
    • Personal Stats and a New Friend System
    • Simple Comment System on New Profiles
    • Most Preferences Now Applied Globally

    Click "Read more" to see all the details!

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  • published the article Daylight Now Available On PS4 and Windows PC

     Today we emerge from the darkness as Daylight from Zombie Studios becomes available for PS4 and Windows PCs. Daylight is a procedurally generated psychological thriller that has the player taking on the role of a woman named Sarah, who wakes up in an abandoned hospital with nothing but her cell phone and no idea how she got there. The challenge becomes navigating through the hospital, a maze of passages that is different with every play-through.


    Daylight is the first game to be released running on the new Unreal Engine 4, bringing new visual thrills to your escape. Along with these graphics comes an excellent set of sounds and music to accompany your eerie and sometimes starling journey as you work to find clues that will shine some light on your situation or tools like flares and glowsticks that will do likewise in a more literal sense. If you're interested in seeing a little more about this great title, check out the video below:

    Looking for more info as you're playing Daylight? Don't forget to check out the Official Daylight Wiki here on Gamepedia! Don't forget that you can always add more information to the wiki by clicking the "edit" button on any page. If you're looking for more info on how to edit Gamepedia wikis, check out our Help Wiki!


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  • published the article Announcing #FreebieFridays on Gamepedia Twitter!

    Greetings Gamepedia fans! Today we have some exciting news to share about a new weekly giveaway called #FreebieFridays! While Gamepedia gives away keys for many of your favorite games on Twitter already, many of you have asked if we could give away even more keys to even more games. Well, we've listened to your cries and are proud to announce that each Friday we will be blasting key giveaways throughout the day. Each key will have one or more missing letters/numbers that you will have to guess to grab the game before someone else does! We're also working to develop new ways to distribute keys, so stay on your toes!

    So, starting this Friday April 11th, be sure to follow @CurseGamepedia and check our feed regularly for a chance to win! Some of the great games we'll be giving away this week include:

    Thanks to all of our Official Partners who have kindly provided keys so that we could bring you this great giveaway opportunity! Please help us spread the word so that all of your friends have a chance to win too!

    In the meantime, don't forget to check out all of our awesome Wiki offerings!  See a wiki that's missing important information? Please feel free to jump in and edit! If you need any help, check out our Help Wiki, come visit us in IRC, or just e-mail and we'll be here to help you get going!

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  • published the article Exclusive Look at New Nether Features and Key Giveaways


    Phosphor Studios, the maker's of Nether, have some exciting news about the upcoming patch on March 31st! This patch will include all kinds of new features such as:

    • Territory Wars: Territory Wars have arrived! Grab your tribesmen and capture strategic locations for the prosperity of your Tribe. You and every member of your tribe earn in-game bonuses and money for all the territories you hold so protect them with your life!
    • Map Control: Capturing territories gives your tribe control over a portion of the map. Take over more territories to control more of the map!

    • New loot system: I wonder what’s in there! We’ve revamped our scavenging and loot system to be more intuitive and easy to understand. You’ll now find loot stashed away in many various hiding places. No more finding a bag of chips sitting on the floor of a subway!

    • Playable female character: The future of humanity has been secured! Females are now playable in Nether!

    • Waypoints: Sick of constantly having to open your map to make sure you’re on track? Try out the waypoint system now. Place one where you want to go and just follow the marker on the HUD. Use this to coordinate with your group or tribe for uninterrupted travel!

    • And much more!

    For a full look at these great new features, check out our exclusive sneak peek video on YouTube!




    In addition we are giving away more keys so that you can try Nether today! 

    First we are giving out thousands of guest keys on a first-come first-serve basis here on, just click here to claim yours now!

    In addition, we will be choosing winners to receive one of fifty (50) deluxe copies of Nether on Steam!

    This is the Chosen Package through Steam, which includes:

    • Earliest Access to Nether (Closed Beta)
    • 50 Nether Gold
    • Chosen-Only Exclusive In-Game Item
    • 5 72 hour Guest Keys
    • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

    • Special Highlighted Name/Rank in Nether Forum

    Nether is a survival shooter set in a landscape that's based loosely on Chicago with both PVP and PVE play, as well as world objectives for players to fight towards. The world itself spans several massive city blocks, with access to most buildings, including skyscrapers. Fighting against Nethers, monsters with both demonic and human qualities, you and other survivors navigate through an unforgiving world where danger lurks around every corner! Grab your guest key here now and enter to win a deluxe copy here!

    The Official Nether Wiki is also ready and waiting! Packed full of details, you can learn what the world of Nether holds for you. Found something in game that isn't on the wiki? Maybe you just noticed a misplaced comma on the wiki? The Official Nether Wiki is as awesome as it is because of community participation, so feel free to jump in and lend a hand contributing and editing! Not sure where to start? Resources like the Help Wiki and #Gamepedia IRC channels are there for you to be a successful contributor.

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  • published the article Massive Titanfall Launch Contest

    With the release of Titanfall imminent, Gamepedia and the Official Titanfall Wiki want to give you the opportunity to register to win some fantastic prizes to enjoy! We’ve got a lot of awesome items to give to our fans, so be sure to sign up today to ensure your chance to win!

    Four lucky winners will be chosen to receive the Collector’s Edition of Titanfall for either XBox One or PC. Another 5 will receive special limited edition Titanfall XBox One controllers. Beyond that, we have a host of smaller prizes such as t-shirts, lanyards, patch sets, and more that will also be sent to other winners! Big thanks to EA for providing us all of these great prizes to give away!

    Don’t forget to visit the Official Titanfall Wiki for all your informational needs! 


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  • published the article Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare now available!


    Great news to all fans of the popular mobile and PC game series Plants vs. Zombies! Today marks the launch of the newest installation in that series, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. This latest addition to the series takes place in the established PvZ universe while adding awesome new 3D-rendered graphics and elements of 3rd-person shooter. The game maintains the light-hearted fun and humor of the previous games, while having a bit more exciting and frenetic activity due to the new style of play.

    If you're having a blast with this great title today on launch day, don't forget to head on over to the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Wiki to get more info about the game as you play! Also, there are lots of great reasons to take a moment and edit the wiki as we are still running our editing contest on the PvZ:GW wiki where the best editors will win free copies of the game and other prizes! If you're new to wikis but want to learn more about contributing, visit our Help Wiki or contact the Gamepedia staff in our IRC chat!

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  • published the article The Official Skara: The Blade Remains Wiki now on Gamepedia

    Do you vote on Steam Greenlight? If so, you may have already voted for Skara: The Blade Remains, one of the newest games to be Greenlit on Steam and coming soon to your PC, next gen consoles, and mobile devices! Skara challenges old classifications, referring to itself as an 'MOV' or Multiplayer Online and Versus game and seeks to revolutionize all the mmo/rpg/fps varieties of game already in existence.

    The goal is for the game to be a totally new experience by blending game modes and never before seen fps-style hand-to-hand combat into a compelling story that is at once exciting and artistic. Imagine an experience with the action of a Versus Fighting Game inside a story and land like RPG´s, all blended into a fast-paced FPS style arena.

    • Choose the style and direction of your attacks with the Combat System, your opponent must block or hit at the exact moment to avoid being impacted.
    • Every movement can be counter-attacked, choose the proper moment or become an instant kill with a bad choice.
    • Some attacks may be combined with different combos; learn additional special movements and techniques unique to each Race or Faction.
    • Each character is different in terms of relative strength, speed and movements, though all the characters will be managed in a similar way.
    • Grow in your Rank and attain Honor Points by fighting to unlock special features available only to the best of warriors.


    Check out this awesome peek at some Alpha footage of Skara and you'll see why this game is sure to be a success. If you want to learn more about Skara: The Blade Remains, check out the Official Wiki here on Gamepedia. New contributors are always welcome to join in and add information so visit the Community Portal or our Help Wiki for more information getting started!



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  • published the article Wiki Spotlight: Banished

    If you've checked out the Top-Sellers list on Steam lately, you have have noticed Banished sitting on the top for the past few days. This recently-released title from Shining Rock Software focuses on a group of families that have been banished from their home land and must fight to survive the wilderness by gathering resources and building anew. We here at Gamepedia have been having a great time planning out our new settlements and ensuring that all our citizens are fed, housed, and clothed. We've also been hard at work ensuring that the Banished Wiki is totally up to date with hundreds of pages of information to help you on your path through this game! Not convinced? Check out the gameplay trailer below!

    There is also room for more contributors to the wiki! After you've gotten started with Banished, head over to the Banished Wiki and see how you can help out. From fixing a sentence with iffy grammar to adding in an entire new section, every wiki on Gamepedia is always in need of dedicated community members! See the Help Wiki for tutorials on getting started.


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  • published the article Gamepedia Shirt and Sticker Sale & Pixel Piracy Giveaway

    Today we've got two small pieces of news to bring to you. First we'd like to announce that Gamepedia has some new merchandise available in the Curse Store! In addition to our basic Gamepedia t-shirts, we also have stickers and (by popular demand) our I <3 Indie Games design available. All of these items are available at a 20% discount for a limited time, so grab one now before they're gone! (Please note: the discount is applied once the items are added to your cart.)

     Gamepedia also wanted to give you a chance to win a great new game called Pixel Piracy. With the help of the awesome development team for the project, we have more than 100 copies of this title available to give away. Take a moment to enter sometime between now and Monday and you could be one of our lucky winners! Don't forget to check out the Official Pixel Piracy Wiki here on Gamepedia and have a great weekend!

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