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    Churbles! If you're a fan of classic games like Secret of Mana, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger, then you'll probably love Churbles, a new adventure RPG featuring "cute, but tough heroes, local co-op, and highly customization skills, abilities, and play styles". Gamepedia is happy to announce that we have partnered with CrashGem Studios to bring you the Official Churbles Wiki! While the game is still in production, the wiki can serve as a great place for keeping up to date with the developers' progress and all of the great features that are going to arrive with this title.

    This game also has some of the most adorable graphics you'll see all season, with its super-cute avatars and creatures. Churbles is a fully-featured game with tons of locations and dungeons to explore. Each dungeon is a free-roaming experience where you can battle (and sometimes sneak) your way forward through its epic storylines. You'll be able to enjoy these battles through the guise of one of 63 different combinations of class, fighting style, and weapons style. To learn more about all the great things Churbles has to offer, check out their Kickstarter page or check out this trailer video:

    Churbles is currently reaching the end of their Kickstarter campaign, having met their base funding goal but just a few thousand dollars short of unlocking additional stretch goals such as Co-Op challenges and releases on additional platforms. You should also take a moment to vote for Churbles on Steam Greenlight!

    Another way to interact with the community is by becoming an editor and contributor on the official wiki. Even if you do not have any wiki experience, we are here to help you help the community! To discover how easy editing it is, see the Help Page on the Churbles Wiki. The Help Wiki will give you more information, when you're ready to expand to full contributions, including tutorials! If you find yourself with a question you can't find the answer to, or just want to say hi, stop by the#Gamepedia IRC channel to chat with Gamepedia staff and community members!

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    Gamepedia recently spent the weekend down in sunny Orlando Florida at the 2013 Minecon event. We spent our time running all kinds of fun activities at our booth, connecting with all the awesome Minecraft Wiki and Gamepedia fans in attendance, and of course, checking out all of the super-cool Minecraft stuff that was everywhere! Check out this great video with all the highlights from our booth, including the drawing for the Diamond Deposit scavenger hunt where one lucky winner brought home a Minecraft-skinned Alienware Aurora Gaming PC!

    All weekend long we were running the Quick Build Competition, a series of short head-to-head matches where we challenged people to build an object in just three minutes! Check back soon for lots of great pictures of all the great builds! One of our other favorite things was the huge number of hand-made statues around the expo hall, which ranged from life-size to the larger than life Steve and Dog statue! There were also many other carefully crafted pieces of fan art including creepers, swords, full suits of armor, and not to mention plenty of great costumes! 


    We also had a great turnout to the Minecraft Wiki Panel on Sunday morning. More than 100 people came to hear about this great project, the largest on Gamepedia, and came with plenty of excellent questions. We made sure to send home as many people as we could with our special-edition Minecraft Wiki t-shirts too! All in all it was an excellent weekend and I know we'll be looking forward to next year's event!


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    Windborne Logo Hidden Path

    Windborne, from Hidden Path Entertainment, is a fantastic new social sandbox game featuring a world that's full of beautiful places to explore and new inventive activities to partake in. Inspired by games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress and the like, Windborne is a magical experience that will leave you aching for more. Gamepedia is proud to not only host the Official Windborne Wiki, but also to share some exciting news with our fans.

    Today's news is that Gamepedia is proud to announce the exclusive opening of a public preview period for this innovative title. The preview will begin through Steam on Monday 11/11 for a select few, but Gamepedia will have 6,000 access keys available starting on Thursday 11/14! Gamepedia will be the only source to gain access to the Windborne preview at first, so mark your calendars and set your bookmarks so that you can be sure to claim your key before they're gone!

    Exclusive screenshot


    During the preview, players will have full access to the game from the minute they get their code and the preview will be running for at least a month, so getting your code here will ensure that you have the maximum amount of time to enjoy this great release! While the game is still considered to be an Alpha release, you'll find that its features are well fleshed-out, featuring a starting island to explore, more than 100 craftable objects for home furnishing, a full set of tools for interacting with the world, and a number of a great features for connecting with your friends and socializing!

    In addition to these features you will experience during your preview of the game, the folks at Hidden Path are planning plenty of awesome additions such as quests, more social features, even more objects, and plenty of smaller tweaks and balances to ensure the game is perfect. They will also invite players to offer their feedback during the preview, so you can not only have a blast exploring the game, but also help to make it even better in its final form!

    To learn more about Windborne, have a look at the wiki for the most up-to-date information! Happen to find a misplaced comma or found an item in the game that's not on the wiki? We give you the tools you need to be a successful editor! The Help Page has basic information, while the Help Wiki has tutorials. You can always strike up a conversation with your community by joining #Gamepedia in IRC! And of course, don't forget to come back next week to get you exclusive preview of Windborne.

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    Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway


    Gamepedia is currently giving away 50 Hearthstone Beta Keys! To enter, head over to the contest page and check out how to enter. You can earn more chances to win by performing different actions. This contest will run through Tuesday, November 12th. Winners will be posted on the contest page after the drawing, but will also be live-tweeted on our twitter feed.

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    DOTA 2 Wiki

  is giving away several awesome limited edition DOTA 2 Couriers to our loyal fans. All you need to do is click here and perform one or more of the actions listed and you'll have a chance to win! This contest will run from Wednesday 10/18 until Monday 10/21.

    Winners have been announced and contacted: Congratulations D.K.., Vitor Z., and Balaji S.! Thanks to everyone who entered!

    Grand Prize: Unusual Osky The Ottragon (TI3 Exclusive!)

    First Prize: Unusual Lockjaw the Boxhound (TI2 Exclusive!)

    Second Prize: LGD's Golden Skipper 

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    Due to an overwhelming demand from our fans, we have more codes for League of Legends skins from PAX Prime! We have two sets, each containing Arcade Hecarim and Riot Blitzcrank exclusive skins. Entering is easy! Tweet at us using the hashtag #LoL or like us on Facebook and make a post mentioning our current giveaway! We will run this until Tuesday, October 1st, 2pm CDT. Please read the giveaway page, which includes examples.

    Don't forget that Leaguepedia is part of the Gamepedia community, and your number one community driven resource for League of Legends! Please see the Leaguepedia Help Page on how you can get started. Already a contributor, but looking to improve your skills? We have a new Help Wiki just for that! We also have IRC channels, where you may find both Gamepedia staff and community members!

    Best of luck, everyone!

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