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    posted a message on Perkz...

    Perkz is young mid laner from Croatia...

    And because Croatia and Serbia hate each other for very long time, there are a lot of trolls (probably age 7-14) that are super jelly of his skills and they call him Serbian.



    As you can see edits on his official Leaguepedia page, some troll added his alternate ID as "PerkZ Srbin"  which means Perkz Serbian, and also edited trivia with most useless and pointless information which isn't even true. Because 5-6 kids spam Perkz Srbin after he makes play, does that make it important information and trivia ? 


    Please don't allow those trolls to edit LeaguePedie, block their IP-s etc.. And for sake of the God stop approving those edits. 

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