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    Building a Layer

    By DayDreamz


    To build a proper layer, you must first know what a layer is. A layer is a line up of troops in clash of kings that marches into battle. You must pair your troops with a Hero & Dragon and combined with the troops, this creates your layer. There are many things you need to be thinking about when created a layer, so we will go over that today. Don't forget to share this with your alliance members so they can become better at Clash of Kings.


    The first thing you need to ask yourself when starting a layer, is whether or not this is for offense or defense. Each layout requires a different grouping of troops and heroes to create the maximum effect. Make sure you know which Dragon Glass & Grapheme Stone you are also using, what equipment you have on, and what your heroes best attributes are. I'll get into the specifics of each in a future guide, but today I will just show you how to setup an offensive and defensive layer, just make sure your setup compliments your layer.


    The first thing you want to add to your offensive layer is a strong front line. This consists of front line swordsman, such as T12 and T10. Siege Rams which are T9 and T12. I highly recommend that you have at least 25% front line troops. I would suggest using 20% Infantry T10/T12 and 5% Siege T12. If you don't have T12 siege, just use all swordsman, they work similarly. After that, you definitely need to have some spearman, these are the T9 Halberdier. I would only add about 5% of your troop force to this, just enough to punish the Cavalry of your enemy. These are cheap units so it won't cost much to replenish. Next up is your Cavalry, you are going to want to add around 10% T10 front line Cavalry, and around 20% Cavalry T12. The T12 Cavalry shoot from a range, so they are safe, the 10% front line T10 will guard them and keep them safe. The next step is really simple. It's the meat and potatoes of the layer, and that's the Archers. Archer have been the dominant force in Clash of Kings for years, so most players are setup for Archer, so I'm creating this layer based on Archers, with your remaining 50%, add in 15% T10, 5% T8 & 30% T12 Archer, if you do not have T12 just use T10 in their place, they are the same unit just weaker, but will still get the job done.


    The Defensive layer is similar, but you are going to want even more tank troops to soak up the blow from the enemy, keep in mind, if you are reinforcing an ally, front line troops get wounded first, and die first, so you definitely want to help out your teammate sending primarily front line infantry and cavalry. For a basic defensive layer though, we will do things more strategic. You are going to use 40% front line Infantry, 30% T12 & 10% T10. If you do not have T12 just use all T10 Infantry, next you will use 20% Cavalry T10, 5% T12 Cavalry & 25% T12 Archer or T10 Archer, which ever you have.


    These layers are highly subjective depending on your setup and equipment. These layers are based off the majority of Clash of Kings players using an Archery setup. I hope you learned something from this video, make sure you share with your friends as these guides are exclusive to the Amazon AppStore.

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    World Cup Buildings

    By DayDreamz


    With the recent announcement of a $60,000 prize pool for season 2 of the Dragon Campaign World Cup, I think it's appropriate that we take a look at the most important buildings and strategy for this event.


    Let's start with the three most important of these buildings, the Crystal Mine, Armory, and Training Grounds. Contrary to popular belief, the Crystal Mine is no different than the Armory and Training Grounds, all three of these buildings give you 16 points per minute after you successfully hold the building for two and a half minutes. These buildings are the most important because of these high points per minute, so make sure you are making them your number 1 priority.


    The second most important buildings are the Tower of Blessings, and don't get me wrong, you could easily consider these the most important buildings due to the attack and defense bonuses they give. After holding them for two and a half minutes you will receive 25% attack and 25% defense for holding one of the towers, which means if you are able to hold both towers, you will receive a 50% attack and 50% defense bonus. I can tell you this much, you want to make sure that you are holding at least 1 of the 2 tower of blessings, because if you give your enemy 50% attack and defense buffs, it is going to be almost impossible to win with that statistical deficit.


    Similar to the Crystal Mine, Armory & Training Grounds that we mentioned earlier, the Supply Points are another buildings which give you points per minute. There are 5 of them around the map, and these buildings give you 6 points per minute. Holding 3 of these buildings will yield you 18 points per minute, which is 2 more than holding the Crystal Mine, so these buildings might be small in stature, but are highly important. I recommend holding at least 3 of the 5 supply points at all times.


    The Teleport Points are not important during the regular season of the Dragon Campaign, but in the World Cup the Teleport Points give you a 100% march bonus. That is like using 2 50% march speed bonuses on every march, which cost you 2,000 gold, so these are going to actually be worth taking in the World Cup. Anything you can do to save gold will help you, these are not a main priority, these are extra buildings that if you can take a couple of them, they will save you some gold. Remember that there are 4 Teleport Points on the map, so if you can manage to take all four, that is 400% march speed boost saving you 8,000 gold per march for instant speeding. That adds up quick!


    Speaking of saving gold, the Medical Hall will give you accelerated healing speeds for your entire team, as well as 100% hospital capacity bonus. Troops do die in the World Cup, so that hospital capacity is a major bonus, but healing your troops faster and at a cheaper cost is the best part of this building, players will be using a lot of their allocated 1 million gold for healing and speeding. Taking the Medical Hall is going to be high priority in close battles. If your enemy runs out of gold half way into the battle because they are healing at 100% the cost as you, that's going to give you a massive advantage.


    The Dragon Tower has been a weak building for a very long time in the Dragon Campaign. That ends now that Clash of Kings gave the Dragon Tower a massive buff, dealing damage to the enemy troops every 4 seconds. The reason this could be a serious advantage is that with march and rally sizes being so similar in the world cup, every troop is going to matter, if the Dragon Tower wipes out even 5% of the enemy troops, that could sway the battle in a major way considering the statistical gap is very small with the recent changes to skill points and equipment. So you might want to rethink the importance of the Dragon Towers, I know I have.


    Thanks for reading another Clash of Kings Amazon AppStore exclusive. I will be posting articles each week so share with your alliance members, and I'll see you back here next week with another cutting edge Clash of Kings strategy article.

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    Current Meta Rankings

    By DayDreamZ


    Welcome back to another guide brought to you exclusively by the Amazon AppStore. Today I wanted to talk about the strongest troops in the current meta of August 2018. Recently the meta has shifted, so I wanted to give some insights on which troops are making a rise and which are making a fall.


    There has been a huge shift from Archers to Cavalry. Remember that Cavalry technically counters the Archers in Clash of Kings, so they should have countered them all along. With the recent balance changes and buffs to cavalry and debuffs to archers, I think both troops are equally as powerful. With that said, let me list the strongest troops in the game currently.


    Based on the meta data I have gathered, the T12 Pegasus Knight is currently the strongest troop. This is basically a marksman archer on cavalry, so it's fast and agile, but packs the punch and hit points of a true cavalry unit. These Pegasus Knights are out killing the T13 Supreme Legion Griffin Knights in head to head battles. The best part, is you can protect them with the Griffin Knights, so you lose less of the Pegasus but kill many of the enemy troops.


    Speaking of the Griffin Knights, it comes next on our list at number 2 strongest troop in the current meta. These are absolute killing machines, but remember these are highly expensive troops and cost a lot of fine iron to function. I don't recommend using too many of them because they are expensive to replace. In events like the World Cup, the Griffin Knight is going to be the most important killing units on the battlefield, because they are in limited numbers, so use them wisely.


    So third on the list, we have the T10 Marksmen. This short bow archer has been the strongest unit in Clash of Kings for almost 2 years. Ever since the release of p5 the Marksmen has been the most important unit on the battlefield. The reason I have it at number 3, is it is still the most consistent unit on the battlefield, and most importantly, it costs no fine iron to heal or recreate. So you can use a lot of these, get tons of kills, and not worry about replenishing or healing them! This makes the Marksmen a top 3 unit to use in the current meta.


    Fourth on the list is going to be a surprise to a lot of you. No it's not the T12 Archer, that's number 5, number 4 is going to be the T12 Savage Warlord. It is basically a stronger version of the T10 Berserker. Remember your layer always starts at the front line, so if you have a weaker T10 front like of Berserker, and your enemy has more T12 Savage Warlords, you are going to be in big trouble when he breaks your front line and kills your Cavalry and Archers. Never go light on your front line troops, it's a big mistake.


    So next up at number 5 as previously mentioned, the T12 Shura Archer are in many opinions the strongest unit in the game, sure they do out kill the T10 Marksmen, but not enough to warrant a higher rating, because remember these units cost fine iron to heal and replenish, so we have to be more careful with them. If you are facing an opponent stronger than you, it's going to be important to use many of these T12 Archer, remember these are short bow archers, so they are basically a stronger version of the T10 Marksmen. Just be careful because they can be very costly to replenish and heal.


    I can't end this ranking breakdown without an honorable mention for the lowest tier troop in this list. The T9 Halberdier is making a comeback, just remember the words Critical Strike and Sweep. CarolCarol swept us off our feet with the use of Halberdier when taking the thrones of stronger kingdoms, remember Pikeman and Halberdier are Cavalry counters, and with the game slowly transitioning into a Cavalry Meta, the natural cycle will tell you that the Halberdier's are here to counter the meta. The T11 Pikeman could also be strong, but I have not yet seen enough evidence to warrant an honorable mention from them.


    Thanks for reading this Clash of Kings troop meta breakdown and ranking. I will be posting new guides, articles & breakdown exclusively on the Amazon Appstore every week. Stay tuned to my social media for more information.

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    Dragon Campaign World Cup!


    By DayDreamz


    This is a step-by-step guide for the Dragon Campaign World Cup. This is the fastest way to set-up your castles. Remember you only have 30 minutes to get ready, so it is important.

    I like to setup my castle in level of importance, because it's very hectic and easy to forget. You definitely don't want to forget the most important things, so first I go and setup my lord skills and hero skills into combat. After this, I go and open my equipment in my inventory. Make sure you put the appropriate equipment on the appropriate hero and the best equipment on your main lord. Remember some heroes have specific skills. For instance, Wind Ranger is an archer hero, so put your archer attributes on Wind Ranger. Other heroes are for infantry, so put the infantry attributes on the infantry hero. do this until all 6 heroes have equipment on. Next, you need to put the governor set on the Xun Yu hero. This will give you the march buffs and give you a larger attack size. Next put on the rebirth set for Rufus. This will give him two benefits. First, we will put him as recruitment hero when we train troops. Then switch him to doctor so you get his hospital capacity and healing speed bonuses during the battle.


    Now that we have our heroes and lord skills/equipment figured out, we need to do our Dragon glass for the buffs it gives us before battle and then during battle. For level 5 glass you need to purify until you get the troop type you want to train - for most players that is Archers. For level 15 glass you want to purify until you get maximum rally troops. Level 25 glass you want to set defensive attack and defense. Level 30 glass you want to set for Offensive Attack. Every play in my opinion should break down their glass for level 15 because it makes it easier to hold buildings without switching to rally leaders. The 1% attack buff isn't worth the effort it takes to switch who is holding the building.


    The Dragon Word is very important so we do this next. You need to activate an offensive and defensive Dragon Word. Go to the 8th order and activate God Slayer for offense and Fortification for defense. This is the most basic strategy for Dragon Glass. If you want to take things to the next level and feel confident you can get this done in time you can actually use grapheme stone Boot Camp for an extra boost for training speed, although I don't think it's worth the time and aggravation. A lot of people do so I will include that in this guide.


    Now that we have our glass & stone done, switch to level 5 glass and go ahead and put your Rufus hero as the recruitment officer. Go to your wonder and activate level 2 light of glory, and if you think you have time, activate boot camp in the palace of Dragon Words then train around 200,000 - 300,000 gold worth of t10 troops. You do not get fine iron in the world cup season 2, so don't worry about higher tiered troops. Once you are done training troops put Rufus as your doctor position, and put your level 30 or 35 glass back on. Don't forget to put your god slayer grapheme stone back on. Then go to your wonder and turn level 6 Light of Glory on for attack buffs.

    Go setup your Dragons. Activate Scartha as your Guardian then use the Black, Blue & other dragons to send out for battle. Use your talent points on the Blue and Black dragons. This part is pretty fast and easy, and means we are almost done.

    Go into your items, and activate your buffs, as they give you a 100% march boost. You need to go to the store and purchase a 20% attack boost and a 20% defense boost. You can also purchase an anti-scout buff. Activate these buffs now, the battle is almost starting.


    This is the last thing you need to do, but arguably the most important: you need to set your offensive & defensive layers. You can set up to 5 layers. I personally like to set my main offensive march, and my main defensive march. You will need to create your layers with your team. This is all very dependent on how you set up your lord skills, hero skills, grapheme stone, dragons, everything plays a role into what layers you will set for offense and defense, and arguably is the most important part of this setup. Talk with your 9 teammates and find out the layers you want to use. This season the meta is shifting and people are experimenting with different types of layers. We also now have t12 troops which are very strong. Set your offensive and defensive layers with your best heros, then setup layer 3, 4 & 5 with your support heroes.

    This is my favorite time of year in Clash of Kings. I hope to see all of you in the grand finals.

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