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    General Reminder: Heroes of the Storm is still in Alpha. Data is constantly changing.

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    The Heroes, of the Storm

    Looking for a database filled with heroes, their abilities, and the talents they have access to? Check out our Heroes listing!

    Heroes of the Storm Wiki

    Don't forget to check out the Heroes of the Storm Wiki from our friends over at Gamepedia!

    It's a Beach Party.. with Stitches

    Words cannot describe the awesomeness of Beach Party Stitches! We'll be sharing more unreleased skin previews as time goes on, so be sure to return!

    This is not a joke, that's actually Stitches in a bikini.

    Mount Skins

    One of the ways that you can make your hero stand out is with a new epic mount! You will have access to the Dark Brown Horse to start off with, and there are plenty of other skins and models available for mounts that you can acquire. The following are the mount skins which are currently in the game, including two never before seen mount skins: The Magic Carpet and Money Pig.

    Fact: Mounts start off at a 20% speed increase to your base movement speed and increase by 2% for each level (above level 1) your team has. The mount speed increase caps at 40%.


    War Horses

    Dire Wolves

    Cyber Wolves

    Rainbow Unicorns


    Money Pig & Magic Carpet

    For the latest Heroes of the Storm news, keep an eye on the HeroesNexus! To learn more in-depth information regarding mounts, builds and strategies, or to lend a hand with wiki content, please see the the Heroes of the Storm Wiki! [Vendolyn]

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    Reminder: With open beta starting, this is the beginning of your last chance to get Gelbin Mekkatorque. Once Hearthstone releases fully, Mr. Mekkatorque's golden edition will no longer be available. You may acquire the crazy gnome by making a real money purchase in the Hearthstone store or Arena.

    Hearthstone Open Beta is Here!

    The Hearthstone Open Beta has launched in North America! If you're new to Hearthstone, check out further in our post to help get you started!

    Quote from Blizzard

    The wait is over: The Hearthstone Open Beta Test is now live in North America! If you haven’t had the chance to partake in all of the crazy card-slinging action yet, now is the perfect chance to start casting powerful spells, summon mighty minions and duel your friends in this fast-paced strategy card game that anyone can dive into right away!

    It’s been a crazy past few months for all of us on the Hearthstone team. We announced Hearthstone at PAX East back in March, began the Closed Beta Test in August, had a great Hearthstone event at BlizzCon with the Innkeeper’s Invitational along with our announcements for Android and iPhone support, and now we’re ready to unleash the awesomeness of Hearthstone to you with Open Beta!

    So what does this mean for you? If you didn’t get the chance to participate in the Hearthstone Closed Beta Test, now is your chance to download the game! Just click here to download Hearthstone, or you can use the Play Free Now button at the top of We have no plans to perform any more wipes of Hearthstone, so feel free to amass your collection and play against your friends!

    What if you don’t play in the North American region? Don’t worry; we plan to go to Open Beta for all of the other regions within the next few days as well, so stay tuned for more information!

    As open beta is still a beta phase, we will be closely monitoring many aspects of the game to ensure a positive play experience for everyone. Please be aware that if smoke starts curling out of our servers due to unexpectedly high demand to play Hearthstone, we may have to temporarily disable open beta account activations for a time until we’re ready to take on more players.

    Download, play and enjoy Hearthstone now - We’ll see you in-game!

    Hearthstone Resources

    If you're new to the game, you might find some of these resources handy!


    Make sure to check out our awesome tools to let you experiment around with drafting and deckbuilding.

    Beginner Decks

    Once you've played through the tutorial and started to unlock classes through practice mode, try out some of these decks instead of the basic ones that Blizzard provides. They are much better!




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    Hearthstone: Top 5 Plays of the Week

    GiantKiller of 2pPressStart published a new episode of Hearthstone, Top 5 Plays of the Week. This week's plays come from Shinobi, Zealie, Miro, SmashieSmash, and Aishi. Congratulations guys on some great plays!


    Weekly News Recap


    To keep up on the latest Hearthstone news, be sure to keep an eye on Hearthpwn! To learn more in-depth information regarding cards and strategies, or to lend a hand with wiki content, please see the Hearthstone Wiki! [Vendolyn]



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