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    The neverending march is nothing new. Two decades ago, in simpler times, when a game needed no online activation, could fit on one CD, and you could spend the better part of a day figuring out why your system is rejecting genuine drivers, many valuable games were left behind in the march.


    Azrael's Tear is one of those, a first person adventure game that had the misfortune of going up against the first Quake at the games store in the summer of 1996...

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    Despite a rocky launch and a slew of teething problems, Fallout 76’s team seems determined to keep the game alive. Apart from the usual optimizations and balancing changes, players exploring Appalachia will get to take a walk on the wild side: Over the next three months, Wild Appalachia, the first content drop for Fallout 76, will be added to the game, introducing new gameplay features, game modes, events, and even Vaults.

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