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    Cripes, have you even played this game?


    You really need to do a little more research, and I would wager from your article that you haven't finished the game yet.  You're missing 2 machines.  The Rockbreaker and the Bellowbacks.  How you could miss the Bellowbacks is beyond me, since they are all throughout the game and the challenge areas and are a large, formiddable enemy.  The Rockbreakers are more scarce to be sure, but if you're writing an article entitled 'the Complete List of Machines in Horizon Zero Dawn', I would think that you would at least have an actual, complete list.  I could even be petty and point out that you're missing the 'metal devils', but the player never fights one.


    Also, several odd statements and errors in your descriptions:


    1. Saying that the crocodile-like Snapmaws look like a 'lizard' is a weird way of describing them.  Kind of like comparing a Stormbird to a sparrow.  

    2. Longlegs are certainly not 'more peaceful' than any of the other smaller machines.  They will attack on sight just as much as any other 'herbivore' replica machine.

    3. Watchers do not 'report back to larger machines' and they most certainly have weapons, two very weird statements to make. While some Watchers can shoot, the fact that other Watchers 'don't have weapons' is strange for you to point out, because only about half of the machines actually have 'weapons'.   Watchers most certainly attack on sight and do not report to any other machines.  They call for assistance, which usually turns out to be other Watchers watching the same herd.

    4. Thunderjaws have a lot of weak points, including mounted projectile launchers that can be shot off and used against them for considerable damage.  Every single machine has weak points.  It is also not immune to explosive arrows.


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