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    ArcheAge is an old school sandbox MMORPG with all the traditional elements included in addition to several upgrades. Massive world PvP and player driven economies make ArcheAge the devoted RPG fans dream. Gigantic raids on world bosses and other titanic encounters make this title a true test to the scale capable in our generation.

    Absolutely,though as far as the aspect of farming/ crafting go, it's complex man! I'm kinda on the verge whether to pay to play or not. I mean I can get the archeage items I want like this instant. But I want to F2P and don't want to really spend, yet there are no guides on how to get these items, omg! I can't know or learn better... 

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    Now this? Is 100% sentimental! I loved beta and now love the actual version even more! Back in the days, took a screenshot of my albion account for Dongers, would you just take a look at that? :D


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    You couldn't be more right about this, cause Temtem is indeed the Pokémon MMORPG I've always wanted! I enjoy this game over half a year now, and couldn't be happier!

    Gameplay's awesome! Graphic's 10 out of 10, just take a look 





    I only wish to have more Pansum for the stuff I want :D Pansum is the main currency and will let you get everything you like in the game, so you ought to farm it smartly and spend it even more smartly ;)

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    Really like the Official Escape From Tarkov Wiki, it's a learning source for all the elements of the game. If any will have a doubt on what's what, then it's as good place as it get to look for the info. So congrats on making that happen!


    But, there are lots of other useful topics crawling around the net like: where to get loot, how to get to level 40 fast, where and how to get the very best equipment, etc. I think EFT Wiki, as well as others could use the blog section where such guides would be available to access. I myself been looking recently for a guide to tells you how to maximize the amounts of EFT Roubles you get in the game.  


    The Roubles can get you equipment, consumables, ammunition, and other things that you might need. That's why I found this guide on EFT Roubles extremly helpful and now am getting more currency than before :D So I leave this suggestion up to you to consider and hope you can put similar guides in one place, just like did with the Wiki and lots of info on EFT. 

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    now isnt that chick on wallpapper hot?

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    whats unique about this game? article's great, but the game? not so much

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