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    I found D&2's recently somewhere online. I can't even remember where it popped up, probably YouTube. Anyway, I played a dungeon crawl I pulled out of my elbow (haha) with my wife and two boys last night. It was a ton of fun.


    I messed up one rule about loot. I was giving 1 loot discount for target difficulty between 3 less than and target (12-15 since it was 3 players). Over 15 difficulty, I awarded 2 loot discount, which meant all players at least got a common loot. Those w/ any 2's got a rare or epic loot. It seemed to work out, even though it was a mistake. Having set the precedence, it might be a house rule now!


    What's the status on the game itself? It doesn't look like the creators are doing much with any of their projects based on their website and facebook page.


    Anyway, kudos to the creators for a fun time, and thanks for the generosity of making it freely available!

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