Adventure with Mages, Warriors and Monsters in Portal Knights

Portal Knights gameplay


After a mysterious event known as The Fracture transforms a peaceful world into a shattered realm of darkness and danger, the only individuals capable of setting things right are the Portal Knights. These warriors need courage, quick wits and superior strength — not to mention the handy tips available on Gamepedia's Portal Knights Wiki.


As you venture into the world of Portal Knights, the way the story unfolds is down to you. Its many 3D worlds are randomly generated, meaning that there are new monsters and resources waiting around each corner as you explore the vivid environments that the team at Keen Games have cooked up. These are dangerous lands, but your journey can be successful with the right information.


Perhaps you're looking for advice on whether the skill set of a Warrior or a Mage is the best fit for your playstyle. Alternatively, you might be in search of the crafting recipes required to outfit your base with better defences. You may even know it all, and just want to offer up some advice for less experienced players. For all this and more, you need to proceed directly to the Portal Knights Wiki.


The resource management and crafting mechanics present in Portal Knights will be familiar to anyone who has played the likes of Minecraft — but the tactical action offered up by its combat will offer a challenge to all. The game features a varied bestiary filled with intimidating opposition, particularly the dreaded Portal Guardians that the player will face in boss battles.


Here's some footage of the game in action:



Portal Knights is available now as part of the Early Access program on Steam. For more information on the game, you can visit its official website, follow its Twitter feed, or head straight to the Portal Knights Wiki.




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