Bring Your Brother Back Safe in The Madness of Little Emma

The Madness of Little Emma screenshot


How far would you go to rescue your brother? That's the question posed by The Madness of Little Emma, a roguelike action game that takes its inspiration from the likes of Spelunky and The Legend of Zelda. Gamepedia, working alongside the game's creator Bartosz Bojarowski, is pleased to announce the Official The Madness of Little Emma Wiki.


After her brother goes missing in eerie circumstances, it falls to Emma to journey into uncharted territory and bring him home safely. Along the way, over fifty kinds of enemy and some twenty-two bosses will stand in your path — and, given that the game wears its perma-death mechanic on its sleeve, you can bet that all those adversaries pack a significant punch.


Between knowing what threats to look out for, deciding between the three drastically different playable characters on offer and prioritizing among the 150 items up for grabs, success in The Madness of Little Emma requires more than quick reflexes and honed skills. To go beyond the surface of this vast game, it's well worth dipping into the knowledge banks of its Official Wiki.


Want to test your mettle before you commit to a purchase? Bartosz Bojarowski has you covered, as the developer has made a demo version of the game available via IndieDB.


Here's some in-game footage of The Madness of Little Emma:



Anyone ready to take up the challenge and help Emma get her brother back can do so right now by purchasing The Madness of Little Emma on Steam. For more information, check out the game's official website, and don't forget to visit the Official The Madness of Little Emma Wiki for all the info you might need to complete your quest.




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