Plague and Peasants Are Out to Get You in The Black Death

The Black Death screenshot


How would you survive if you were placed in Medieval Europe just as the plague was beginning to tighten its grip? The Black Death serves to answer this question, in the form of a multiplayer survival game with an intriguing historical twist. Gamepedia is delighted to announce the Official The Black Death Wiki, created in collaboration with Syrin Studios and Small Impact Games.


Unforgiving is the first word that comes to mind when describing The Black Death. This is a survival experience where everything is out to get you — if the titular plague doesn't take you off your feet, one of your fellow villagers might.


The setting of Medieval Europe gives the game a wholly different feel than most other inhabitants of the genre. You'll need to pick a profession like farmer, blacksmith or sword-for-hire to pay for clothing and lodgings, among other expenses. Even if you don't choose the sword as your occupation, a mastery of the unique combat system is recommended.


Everything from timing the swings of your weapon to following the right career path can determine your success or failure in The Black Death. If you truly want to compete against other players online, it's well worth browsing the game's Official Wiki, where you can find detailed information on work, weaponry, and the world around you.


To see The Black Death in action, view the latest trailer below. There are additional trailers and game footage available on the Green Man Loaded YouTube channel.



The Black Death is set to enter the Steam early access program on April 19. You can pre-purchase the game now on Green Man Gaming.  For comprehensive insight into all areas of the game, keep an eye on the Official The Black Death Wiki as development continues. If you'd like to receive the latest game updates, make sure to follow the game on Twitter.



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