Survival of the Fittest, ARK's Battle Royale Mode, Goes F2P on Steam

Survival of the Fittest


On today’s Twitch stream, Studio Wildcard announced that Survival of the Fittest, the battle royale experience from ARK: Survival Evolved, will be F2P on Steam as a standalone game. SotF will become available this evening for PC users.


The standalone game comes with a myriad of new options and performs better than ARK: Survival Evolved. You'll see custom flags on the dinos you've tamed, an attractive UI, and ranked leaderboards in the game. It’s worth noting that SotF has its own development team, and it will not impact advancements in the original ARK title.


Survival of the Fittest


Survival of the Fittest includes four different game modes: Free for all, 2 player teams, 4 player teams, and 6 player teams. Each game mode has a different number of players participating and a different match length.


With matches lasting 35 minutes, the highly-anticipated free for all game mode is significantly sped up from the typical SotF experience. All engrams are unlocked immediately, gathering has a large bonus, and the map's ever-encroaching wall recedes faster than ever. Additionally, matchmaking is based on your ELO ranking, so new players won’t be immediately be thrown in with SotF pros.


Survival of the Fittest will become available on Steam this evening. To know exactly when this standalone game is available, follow ARK on Twitter. For all of your ARK: Survival Evolved and Survival of the Fittest needs, stop by the Official ARK Wiki.



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