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Want to experience grand strategy on the largest scale possible? Polaris Sector offers you the chance to build an empire in the deepest depths of the cosmos — but seizing and maintaining power is no easy task. Gamepedia, SoftWarWare, and Slitherine are pleased to announce the Official Polaris Sector Wiki.



In the 1990s, games like Civilization and Master of Orion came to define the fledgling 4X genre. This type of strategy title drew as much from board games as it did video games, and it focused on four all-important tenets: exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination. Polaris Sector draws inspiration from the games that built this genre, but also brings plenty of new ideas to the table.


Each game begins with a randomly generated galaxy comprising of up to 900 stars. Hidden away among the recesses of space are countless entities out to get you; political rivals, unscrupulous space pirates and enemy military outfits are just some of the threats players will need to look out for.


Fortunately, there are countless different strategies that you can employ to get the better of your foes. Like the best 4X titles, many different playstyles can win a game of Polaris Sector. You can be just as effective with a focus on diplomacy as you would be concentrating on military might — but the real secret to success is understanding all the options available to you.


The best place to get that information is undoubtedly the Official Polaris Sector Wiki. You'll find details on the bevy of ship-building options, inside intel on enemy factions and crucial insight into how to get the most from the tech trees that shape your empire's advancement.


Here's the launch trailer for Polaris Sector:



Polaris Sector is available now via Steam. For more information on this galaxy-spanning strategy title, check out its official website or head on over to the Official Polaris Sector Wiki.



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