Miitomo is Another Social Connection Between Gamers and Friends



You might have heard its name whispered within your social circle. One of your closest friends might have desperately begged you to download this new app. Either way, it’s likely you’ve heard of Miitomo by now. Nintendo's new social app on iTunes and Google Play takes the ever-famous Mii creation to a new level.


So, why are droves of gamers downloading this app? Is creating a custom Mii to represent yourself and perform activities in a virtual world really that exciting? To be honest, I have yet to fully discover the reason for Miitomo's growing popularity. In at attempt to learn more, I spent a couple of hours on the app this weekend.


For me, the appeal of Miitomo is in the wide range of clothing options that I can dress my Mii in. I’m also able to feed my somewhat unhealthy claw-machine addiction via the Miitomo Drop game. The game lets me earn new, more exclusive clothing items, creating the perfect storm for someone that likes customizing avatars and has way too much free time.


By the end of the weekend, I had done my best to obtain as much cat-related clothing as possible.



The app also includes an interesting question/answer system, where you can earn Miitomo coins for answering questions and listening to your friends’ answers. Do you want to know your friends’ favorite TV shows? What about their favorite foods? With Miitomo, there’s no need to waste time asking them in person anymore; you can easily see their answers in the app. How convenient.


There are also Missions you can complete within the app by linking your Miitomo account to a Nintendo account. Missions award you Miitomo Platinum Points, which can be used to unlock cool rewards.


You can learn more about Miitomo in the below launch trailer from Nintendo:



At the end of the day, Miitomo is another social connection tying you to your friends. If you have a repressed urge to dress as a pirate and ask your Facebook acquaintances what their favorite type of bread is, you should download the app now. The Miitomo Wiki on Gamepedia has even compiled a few tips to help you get started. For any more questions about Miitomo, the wiki is a great place to search for answers.



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