Will Worm Its Way Into Your Heart

Looking for a fun and free way to enjoy some spare time? Slide your way over to and check out this popular new browser-based game now! In this casual online multiplayer game, a cross between the also-popular and the classic arcade game Snake, the player takes on the role of a slithering snake. Using simple mouse controls, the aim of the game is to grow your snake as large as possible by eating glowing pellets while avoiding other snakes. 



Players zoom around the map grabbing pellets and growing their snake to be the largest in the game! You'll be able to see how you rank up against other players at any given moment with the on-screen ranking system, and if you manage to become the largest snake of the day you can even taunt everyone else with a snappy message that's displayed to everyone else until your score is beat!


But be careful! Even the smallest snake can prove to be a deadly obstacle if they manage to cross your path at the right time. Its a game that's easy to learn, but difficult to master. Take a short break to play a couple rounds, or invest an entire afternoon to try and set the record! So, head on over to and give it a try!


If you want to learn some of the basic strategies or check out some handy tips and tricks, you can head over to the Wiki here on Gamepedia. Don't forget, you can also help expand the Wiki by adding your own strategies and tips. If you want to learn more about editing, you can also visit the Gamepedia Help Wiki.



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