Restore the Balance of Nature in Dragon Evo

Long ago, dragons roamed the lands of Erendor and the Nations of Man were at peace with one another and the forces of nature — but in Dragon Evo, those tranquil times have long since passed. The game's developers and Gamepedia are pleased to announce the Official Dragon Evo Wiki.


Dragon Evo is a competitive online card game that draws inspiration from tradition CCGs as well as the RPG genre. Decision-making is absolutely paramount to success, both in the moment-to-moment action of a match and the broader strategy of deck building.


Dragon Evo art


The first choice players are tasked with is a question of which faction best suits their style of play. The warmongering Rutai, the scattered Highwind, and the harmonious Hologev all have their own strengths that can be exploited in battle — as well as weaknesses that could be just as instrumental to victory.


These warring groups all have their own units and abilities that players will need to understand completely in order to thrive. Luck doesn't come into the equation in Dragon Evo; this is a game that rewards skilful play and a full comprehension of the complex interactions between various cards.


While the game itself is still in closed testing, its ruleset has largely been finalized, meaning that your best opportunity to get a head start on the systems and mechanics than underpin Dragon Evo is to check out its Official Wiki. As well as information about individual cards and how they can be used to the greatest advantage, there's plenty of detail on the rich lore that fleshes out its high fantasy setting.


Dragon Evo screenshot


The game's open alpha will be available later this year. If you're interested in participating, you can email [email protected]. For more information on this exciting card battler, make sure to check out the Official Dragon Evo Wiki.



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