Browser-Based RPG Flower Knight Girl Is Now Available

Flower Knight Girl


Flower Knight Girl is a browser-based action adventure RPG from that is now available to play for free. In the game, you’ll be put in charge of the Flower Knight Order, a squad of fighters determined to slay Pugnacious Pests that have invaded the world. For information on the Flower Knights, gameplay, and more, stop by the Official Flower Knight Girl Wiki on Gamepedia.


Take the role of the Grandmaster of the Flower Knight Girls in the Kingdom of the Spring Garden and discover hundreds of items, extended campaign quests, and weekly questing events. The game includes cinematic battles, unlockable skills, character-specific items, and the ability to give your Flower Knights gifts. There are over 80 Flower Knights to add to your party, each with their own artwork and voice acting.



You can play the game now on here. If you’re interested in sharing your own Flower Knight Girl knowledge, stop by the Official Wiki on Gamepedia.



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