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Forgotten Myths


Looking for an online card game that rewards real strategy? Forgotten Myths might be the answer, offering up jaw-dropping card artwork, cheap booster packs and a well-balanced set of mechanics that will draw you in and keep you engaged for hours. In celebration of the game's recent Steam release, Gamepedia and Anchora Games are pleased to announce the Official Forgotten Myths Wiki.


Forgotten Myths draws inspiration from some of the very best collectible card games to be released over the last quarter of a century, with Magic: The Gathering and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game chief among its influences. However, this isn't just a retread of what's gone before — the team at Anchora Games has managed to craft an experience that pairs the ease of play and speed of execution you would expect from a digital card game with the deep strategy and engrossing complexity of a physical CCG.


Players start out by building a deck from the 350 cards currently available in the game, or selecting one of the five pre-made decks intended to introduce new players to the game. From there on out, it's a fast-paced contest between you and your opponent, as you both attempt to go on the offensive while building up fortifications to defend yourself.


Wins earn you gold and experience, the former of which can be used to buy booster packs. Forgotten Myths makes it easy to build your collection of cards, whether you want to buy boosters using in-game currency or real money, or see if you can grab a bargain with its fully fledged card auction functionality.


The foundational gameplay of Forgotten Myths has already been constructed, but later this month Anchora Games will be running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final stretch of development. It's a great opportunity to get involved with the game, and earn some special rewards like cut-price currency and limited edition promo cards.

Here's some footage of the game in action:



More information on Forgotten Myths can be found on the game's official website or on the game's Steam page— and for detailed instructions on how to play the game, and explanations of its many mechanics, you can head to the Official Forgotten Myths Wiki.



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