Cube World Has Launched!


Developed by Picroma, Cube World is a 3D multiplayer adventure game, currently available on the Windows platform. Mac and console support is slated for the future. In addition to exploration, Cube World offers a full, rich RPG experience: crafting, house building, co-op play, four distinct classes with specialized paths, boss mobs, missions and much more!

Even without an official announcement, fans of the voxel-based exploration RPG quickly discovered that Cube World was released. There have been problems with the shop, which has been taken offline, but they hope to have it back online as soon as possible and are working hard to assist all who wish to purchase Cube World!

Gamepedia's Cube World Wiki compiles a vast amount of community-curated information! Anyone may join in and participate, as the wiki is for and by the community. To get started, see the help page for information on editing and adding content!


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