Rokh is a Hard-Science Survival Game Set on the Red Planet

Rokh is a survival game that ditches the usual trappings of the genre and offers something fresh and futuristic in their place. When you're dropped on Mars with little more than a basic astronaut suit, things look bleak — but a mix of ingenuity and skill will ensure that you rise to the top. Gamepedia, Darewise Entertainment and and Nvizzio Creations are pleased to announced the Official Rokh Wiki.


Mars has been the backdrop for plenty of popular video games over the years, but it's rarely been depicted quite the way that it is in Rokh. Don't expect a cartoonish take on the red planet, as the team at Nvizzio Creations are committed to creating a hyper-realistic 400km² sandbox for you to explore.


This hard-science take on the survival genre isn't restricted to the game's setting. Its gameplay is based around a complex web of interconnected systems and simulations, rather than traditional script-based interaction. This means that players can expect every fight to play out differently, as seemingly minor differences between one battle and the next can have enormous consequences for the way combat unfolds.


Rokh screenshot


Survival is your first priority, and it's fair to say that Mars isn't the most hospitable planet you could be dropped on. However, if you can keep your oxygen, food and water levels high enough to establish a settlement, you'll soon be able to branch out and build anything from advanced weaponry to a robot assistant.


Rokh is already well into the development process, but its creators are currently running a crowdfunding campaign in order to fund the home stretch. A limited amount of early bird pledges have been made available, meaning you can secure a copy of the game via Steam Early Access for the bargain price of $11 if you can get to the Kickstarter while supplies last.

Here's some footage of Rokh in action:



Rokh is currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which is scheduled to run until June 5. For more information on the game, check out its official website — and for the inside track on colonizing Mars, head straight for the Official Rokh Wiki.




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