The Official Windforge Wiki!

We have so many exciting announcements this week and they keep coming! Gamepedia is proud to say that we have partnered with snowed in Studios to bring you the Official Windforge Wiki! While still in pre-alpha, Windforge is working on becoming Steam Greenlit and already features incredible graphics.

Based on the concept of freedom, Windforge allows players to do exactly what they want in this 2-D shooter RPG. Build your own airships to explore the world! Not only can you build in Windforge, but the world is completely destructable as well. Windforge also features skill-based combat, complete with full 360-degree aiming, over 500 craftable items, and a storlyline to drive you through the game on your epic journey!

In order for this beautiful, freedom-based game to become a reality, Windforge needs your help! Vote for them in Steam Greenlight and become a contributor for the official wiki! Becoming a contributor is easy -- from the smallest grammar correction to adding in an entire section -- every contribution counts and every Gamepedia-hosted wiki is community created! To learn more, check out the Windforge Help Page, the Gamepedia Help Wiki or #Gamepedia in IRC!


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