Exclusive: New Evolve Stage 2 Hunter Revealed


On July 7, Evolve smashed its way back onto our PCs with the re-launch of Evolve Stage 2, a completely revamped and free version of the addictive 4v1 monster-hunting shooter. From fewer than 200 players on PC prior to the re-launch to now more than 2-Million in less than one month, Evolve is making a monstrous comeback - and the folks at 2K and Turtle Rock Studios aren't done yet! We've already seen one new Hunter added to the game, Electro Griffin, and today Gamepedia has exclusive information on another new hunter releasing tomorrow, Quantum Caira, and her powerful cosmic abilities.


The newest Hunter is a variant of your favorite grenade-tossing Medic, Caira. Due to a surge in Quantum energy on a Wraith test site, Quantum Caira has a completely reformed arsenal that focuses on healing over time and zone control. With no burst healing abilities, this Hunter is challenging to master, but very effective when used correctly.


Quantum Caira Exclusive Hunter Reveal


Quantum Caira uses zones and barriers to heal her team and damage monsters. Her abilities are:


  • Proton Field – A zone that deals damage over time to enemies. Can stack multiple fields.

  • Regeneration Field – A Generyst zone that heals Hunters. Can stack multiple fields.

  • Neutron Barrier – A short damage-resistance buff for all nearby Hunters.

  • Generyst II Field: An area that heals Hunters and damages Monsters for the duration of the effect.


Team Pairings

With the right companions, Quantum can be one of the strongest Medics in the game. When crafting your Evolve Stage 2 Hunter team, be on the lookout for these powerful Hunter combinations:

  • Trappers: Griffin, Electro Griffin, Jack, Maggie, and Wasteland Maggie – Trappers with crowd control give Quantum extra time to build up regeneration zones.

  • Assaults: Hyde, Torvald, and Lennox – These Hunters can assist with zone control with little to no setup and can help push Monsters back while Quantum’s fields heal her team.

  • Supports: Hank, Bucket, and Tech Sgt. Hank – Defensive supports can help to mitigate burst damage from Monsters and set up safe zones to keep Quantum safe from damage.

You can view all Evolve Stage 2 Hunters on the Official Wiki here.


Gameplay Tips

  • Create a constant stream of Regeneration Fields. Not only can Quantum Caira create multiple Regeneration Fields, but they can stack for maximum healing.

  • Perfect your aim. Once Quantum Caira lays down a Field or Barrier, there’s no repositioning it. Make sure to stay focused when aiming your abilities to heal your fellow Hunters as effectively as possible.

  • Prevent burst damage with the Neutron Barrier. Remember, Quantum Caira doesn’t have any burst healing; her powerful fields heal over time. Preventing burst damage is key to keeping all Hunters healed and fighting, so utilize the damage-blocking Neutron Barrier as often as possible.


Want to learn more about Quantum? Visit the Official Evolve Wiki on Gamepedia for information on all your favorite Hunters, Monsters, and more. If you own a retail copy of Evolve, you can learn about your Founder’s Status on the wiki here.

If you have yet to try out this awesome free-to-play shooter, you can play Evolve Stage 2 now on Steam.

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