Overwatch Meets Rocket League in Lúcioball


Overwatch recently announced the start of the Summer Games, a three week celebration that features seasonal Loot Boxes, over one-hundred new cosmetic items, and a completely new brawl. The new brawl, dubbed Lúcioball, is a fast-paced 3v3 match that feels a lot like soccer. It features awesome scenery, a unique arena, and a bunch of bouncing Lúcios.


Each match of Lúcioball lasts four minutes. The arena is set up very similar to a typical soccer field, with the addition of jump pads and speed-boosting walls. Winning the match is pretty simple: the most goals at the end of the game wins. Getting those Rocket League vibes yet?


In the game, Lúcio’s abilities have been altered to better suit the brawl.  A melee attack replaces his primary fire, allowing him to hit the ball on the field. This attack works best for short-ranged actions, such a dribbling or passing to a nearby teammate. If you’re needing to move the ball a farther distance, Lúcio’s alternate fire produces a blast of sound that will send the ball soaring. Additionally, Lúcio’s speed boost ability will now only affect himself, and Sound Barrier, his ult, will now pull the ball towards him from anywhere on the field.


The Summer Games in Overwatch are live now on all platforms, and the seasonal event will last through August 22. As always, stop by the Overwatch Wiki on Gamepedia to learn about your favorite heroes, game lore, and more.


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