The Dead Linger Comes to Steam!

We are proud to announce that our partners at Sandswept Studios now have their game, The Dead Linger, available at Steam! One of our earliest partnerships, The Dead Linger Wiki was one of our very first official wikis and we are happy to celebrate with them. While the game is in its Alpha stage, it is in active development, which you can be a part of by playing it now! The Dead Linger is currently available for Windows, with Mac and Linux to follow.

The Dead Linger is a first person zombie horror survival game that aims to allow players to drive vehicles, barricade windows, craft, oh, and kill zombies! Fight them with your fists, with a frying pan, whatever you can do to survive. Stay ahead of the horde by coming up with creative solutions to your problems. The Dead Linger also allows for multiplayer of up to 16 people. Explore this real world sized game and know that once purchased, all future updates are free!

Want to join one of the oldest communities on Gamepedia? Join in as a contributor to The Dead Linger Official Wiki and get editing! To learn more about contributing, each wiki has a help page with a good overview. For more in-depth information, including tutorials, the Gamepedia Help Wiki has what you need. There are also IRC channels where you can chat with fellow community members and Gamepedia staff. Join #Gamepedia and say hi! Don't forget to get your copy of The Dead Linger at Steam!


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