The Official Frontiers Wiki!

At Gamepedia, the awesome news never stops coming in. Today, we're ecstatic to announce that we have teamed with Railboy to bring you the Official Frontiers Wiki! Frontiers, which has had both a successful Kickstarter campaign and is up for voting at Steam's Greenlight, is a hybrid of a classic first-person RPG with a point and click adventure. The game is currently in its Alpha build, but already promises a fully open, sandbox world ripe for the picking for every curious adventurer!

Available for Mac, Linux and Windows, Frontiers has tons of skills in the world to learn, a diverse crafting system, ability to live off the land through hunting and foraging...all at a relaxing pace! Structures in game aren't what they seem -- explore to find hidden rooms and secret passages! Most intriguing, however, is the "mystery" that spans the entire continent of Kantvarld. Join in the fun, explore, discover what the world has to offer and know that Railboy looks forward to your feedback!

Excited to do more than just give feedback? Check out the game on Steam Greenlight and know that The Official Frontiers Wiki has a community eager for new members! No edit is too large or small, and we aim to give you the tools to be a successful contributor. Every wiki has a help page, which will give you a nice overview for editing. For more in-depth tools, the Help Wiki has everything you need, including tutorials! Don't forget to check out #Gamepedia in IRC, where you can chat with Gamepedia staff and fellow community members!


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