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With under 5 days on its Kickstarter campaign, our partners at Hinterland Games need your help to make The Long Dark a reality! We're excited to have The Long Dark Official Wiki at Gamepedia. If you're a fan of survival games, this is definitely the game for you! The Long Dark takes place after a global disaster that wipes out electricity and features beautiful, stylized artwork!

Comprised of industry vets, Hinderland Games' The Long Dark is a first person survival game set moments after a disaster. You play the role of William Mackenzie, who's left stranded after your helicopter crashes in the mountains. Do you have the survival skills it takes to keep going? You'll be challenged daily in The Lone Dark! Be sure to back them on Kickstarter with one of the awesome reward tiers available! $1 CAD makes you a successful backer, $20 CAD grants you a digital copy of the game for Mac, Linux or Windows, $40 CAD includes beta access, and starting at $55 CAD, you can own physical copies!

Already successfully backed The Long Dark's Kickstarter? Hooray! Now check out the official wiki and be a contributor! Being a contributor is easy and we give you all of the tools you need to be successful, whether you're correcting a minor grammatical error or adding in an entire new section. For a quick overview, check out the help page every wiki has. For a more in-depth view, including tutorials, our new Help Wiki has you covered. Have a question you can't figure out or just want to say hi to fellow editors? Join #Gamepedia in IRC and start conversations with both Gamepedia staff and fellow community members!


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