Caveblazers is a Race to the Bottom with Unimaginable Power on the Line

A newly discovered cave is said to hold some kind of "unimaginable power" — how could you resist sneaking in and trying to claim it for yourself? Unfortunately, you're not the only adventurer to have this idea, and your fellow Caveblazers might put up some serious competition as you vie for the prize. Gamepedia and developer Rupeck Games are pleased to announce the Official Caveblazers Wiki.


Caveblazers is an action-platformer that takes place across procedurally generated cavern structures. To make your way through the depths and claim the prize that's hidden at the bottom, you'll need to demonstrate a complete control of your character as you run and jump through increasingly complex environments.


Caveblazers screenshot


Players can augment their character by using one of several unlockable Perks. Each offers different bonuses that facilitate different styles of play; for instance, Springy allows players to jump far higher than they're normally able to, while Juggernaut supercharges their health and boosts their melee damage output.


As you dig deeper, you may find that there are other Caveblazers travelling into the depths for their own chance at the spoils. These computer-controlled rivals have their own unique personalities; one might make a bee-line for the player and attempt to take them out, while another might run for their life as soon as they see your character. Dealing with these unpredictable opponents adds another layer of strategy and uncertainty to the experience.


Here's a recent trailer for Caveblazers:



Caveblazers is available now on Steam. For more information on this high-intensity underground roguelike, head to the game's official website — and don't forget to check out all the details on lore and gameplay available on the Official Caveblazers Wiki.



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