Everspace Warps into Early Access on Steam

Everspace is a thrilling new title from Rockfish Games that combines the best of space shooter games with roguelike elements. Available now in Early Access on Steam, Everspace boasts thrilling visuals and a well-developed world with a story that is doled out to the player over their many runs through the game.


As you play Everspace, you’ll start each new game by launching a ship into space and warping between various regions within each section of space. Each area is procedurally generated, filled with asteroids and plasma fields to mine, mining outposts, and other types of features to explore. But be careful! The world of Everspace is also populated by dangerous outlaws and alien races who may not take kindly to your presence.


Everspace Now Available on Steam Early Access


With each exploration run, your object is to explore as deep into space as possible before meeting your almost inevitable demise. Between runs, you can power up your ship with various perks that help you to grow stronger and more dynamic in your future adventures. You’ll also collect blueprints, each teaching you how to craft a new piece of equipment for your ship during your adventures, using materials you mine, loot, and scavenge in space.


Ready to hop in the cockpit and start exploring? You can check out Everspace on Steam Early Access now. If you find yourself searching for more information about the in’s and out’s of Everspace, visit the Official Everspace Wiki here on Gamepedia!


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