Solve a Mysterious Case of Regicide in For The King

The King is dead, and the Queen is looking for answers. Can you assemble a party that's capable of solving this case of regicide? For The King is a roguelike that combines role-playing mechanics with a murder mystery plotline for an experience unlike any other. Gamepedia and the game's developer, IronOak Games, are pleased to announce the Official For The King Wiki.


Ever wished that you could play a game that blends the best parts of pen-and-paper role-playing with the strengths of console RPGs? So did Colby Young, so he set about establishing a gameplay system that would do just that. More than four years later, his efforts have evolved into the game now known as For The King.


For The King screenshot


The first decision you'll have to make as you start your quest is whether you want to make the journey alone or with your friends. In a nod to the camaraderie of pen-and-paper RPGs, For The King allows players to experience the entire campaign in online co-op, with each participant taking on the role of a particular member of the party.


While teaming up with your pals might have its advantages, it puts an even greater focus on the balance of your party. Anyone that's played Dungeons and Dragons will understand that a group of four fighters will soon run into trouble — you'll increase your chances of success massively if you can all take distinct roles and complement each other's abilities.


For The King is set to launch in late 2016, but adventurers can pre-order the game now to gain immediate access to its closed beta. For more information, check out the game's official website — and don't forget to consult the Official For The King Wiki for tips, tricks, and lore to aid you on your travels.



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