The Mandate Official Wiki and Interactive Prologue Launch!

New to the Kickstarter realm, Perihelion Interactive has teamed up with Gamepedia to bring you The Mandate Official Wiki just as they launch their interactive prologue! Recently, the interactive ship builder given to us where players can customize a ship and then blow it up. What will be the next goody we see for The Mandate? With so many frequent updates given to the community, anything is possible! The game is slated to launch for Windows, Mac and Linux. An RPG-RTS hybrid based in science fiction, The Mandate is a single player or cooperative game with strategy elements.


Not only can you build ships, but The Mandate allows for destruction, as well! Choices you make in the game carry with you, as the game remembers your choices, which affects your gameplay in the long run. An epic story guides you through The Mandate. Additional story comes from following quests and talking to your crew. In addition, The Mandate let's you do more with your ship than just build it -- full space combat is waiting for you! Your crew awaits its captain! 

The Mandate gives you 1,500 years of history to discover. While it is a single player RPG, The Mandate allows for up to six people to participate in cooperate play. Through developing the skills of your crewmates, you have the opportunity to unlock secret missions. Because deep space is harsh, your ship can and will deteriorate -- be on top of repairs! Board enemy ships, vent their crews before facing the same fate, and do what it takes for survival! Craft thousands of items in this deep space sandbox.

Starting at $20, you can get a digital download of The Mandate. At $40, the Ensign tier has a ton of extras: ship designer, character creator early access, beta access, first three content updates, first expansion and everything from the sold out Midshipman tier! Other reward tiers include 3D models for 3D printing, alpha access, an NPC in game that you design, and so many truly amazing ways to have a chance at personalizing a part of the game, but only if you become a backer for The Mandate's Kickstarter campaign!

After you back The Mandate's Kickstarter and play through the interactive prologue, why not join the official wiki's dedicated community of contributors? Becoming a contributor is easy -- from the smallest grammar correction to adding in an entire section -- every contribution counts and every Gamepedia-hosted wiki is community created! To learn more, check out the Help Page, the Gamepedia Help Wiki or #Gamepedia in IRC!


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