Join the Fight for Avalon in Sci-Fi MMORPG Project Genom

Having destroyed our home planet, humankind set a course for Avalon to build a new life. Things were sunny for a while — but it soon emerged that we weren't the only ones looking to call this particular world our home. Gamepedia and the game's developer, NeuronHaze, are pleased to announce the Official Project Genom Wiki.


Humankind is now locked in a vicious battle for control of Avalon with a highly advanced alien race known as the Almer. These beings are more technologically advanced than us, are physically stronger, and are seemingly united in their unwavering desire to take the planet for their own purposes.


However, humanity could be saved by a new crop of heroes making use of abilities bestowed upon them by the mysterious Project Genom — and you can take your place among their ranks.


Project Genom screenshot


While the game is an MMORPG, don't expect to see the same played-out character classes and limited tech trees. Project Genom allows you to craft your own protagonist from the ground up, fine-tuning their abilities across dozens of different development paths.


You choose where to specialize, and how to use those skills during gameplay. Will you develop powerful mental abilities and pick off your enemies at a distance? Or plow into their base on one of the various vehicles at your disposal, and take the fight to them in close quarters combat? There are a host of viable strategies to employ, it's all a matter of imagination and experimentation.


Project Genom is available now via Steam Early Access. For more information, head to the game's official website — and for the inside track on fighting the Almer, be sure to check out the Official Project Genom Wiki.



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