Did This Civ 6 Leader Get a Redesign After Fan Backlash?

Civ 6 Leader Teddy Roosevelt Before Feedback


When it comes to the new art style in Civ 6, there are a lot of strong opinions circling around. Not only are Civilization fans concerned with the new map design, but the civilization leaders themselves are receiving quite a lot of attention. Whether or not you like their cartoonish, exaggerated appearances, one thing’s for sure: Teddy Roosevelt looked pretty weird at first.


In Teddy’s reveal video, he is noticeably heavier than the leader was in real life, and the difference didn't go over well with fans. His rounded cheeks and protruding gut were among the biggest complaints - no pun intended. While many understood that his appearance was meant to be stylized, they didn't understand the few extra pounds. Thankfully, it seems that Firaxis took this feedback to heart.



Teddy Roosevelt Civ 6 Leader After Feedback


In a more recent video from YouTuber Arumba, Teddy is looking much more like the president we all know and love. Did Firaxis change his appearance after the feedback, or was this subtle redesign planned all along? We can't be sure, but we can all agree that we're glad it happened. With his updated appearance, the 26th president of the United States will be available to play when Civ 6 launches Friday, October 21.


Thanks to u/vanderZawn for catching this change. Be sure to visit the Civ 6 Wiki on Gamepedia for more information on Teddy and the rest of the leaders in Civilization VI.


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