Get a First Look at Sombra's Abilities in Overwatch

Sombra Abilities Overview in Overwatch


I don't think anyone is surprised to see Sombra finally confirmed as the next Overwatch hero. While you may know that she's a stealthy and talented hacker, her specific abilities have been a mystery - until now. She makes enemies easier to take out with her Hack and Emp abilities. She also uses a translocation beacon and camouflage to escape enemy attacks.


  • Machine Pistol - Sombra has a fully-automatic machine pistol that fires in a short-range spread.

  • Hack - Get ready for some interference. Sombra can hack enemies to temporarily stop them from using their abilities. She can also hack first aid kits to make them useless for opponents.

  • Thermoptic Camo - This is where her stealth comes into play. Sombra can become invisible for a short period of time, during which she'll get a considerable speed boost. However, if she attacks, uses offensive abilities, or takes damage, her camo will be disabled.

  • Translocator - Sombra has the ability to toss a translocator beacon. As long as the beacon is active, she can instantly return to its location, even when it's in mid-flight.

  • Emp - Sombra will discharge an electromagnetic energy in a wide radius. Any barriers or shields caught in the blast will be destroyed, and any enemies in the radius are hacked.

To learn more about Sombra's story and her character in Overwatch, visit her wiki page here. Sombra will be playable on the PTR next week.


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