Hearthstone's New Expansion Introduces Factions, Tri-Class Cards


A new mechanic, called Tri-Class Cards, is being introduced in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, the next expansion for Hearthstone. Tri-Class Cards are neutral cards that can only be used by three select classes. But how are these classes broken up?


In Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, the city is divided into three factions. Each class falls into one of the three factions, and all of your class cards and neutral minions fit into the faction’s theme. Will you be a burly brute, a stealthy assassin, or a wacky chemist?


The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Factions


  • The first faction is the Grimy Goons. They’re gangsters and weapon smugglers who make up for their lack of brains with a lot of brawn. This faction’s classes include Hunters, Paladins, and Warriors.

  • The second faction, Jade Lotus, excels at stealth and assassination. The classes in this faction include Druids, Rogues, and Shamans.

  • Last but not least, the Kabal control the illicit mana trade in the city. They push their potions and strange concoctions onto magic-users looking for a little extra boost. This faction’s classes include Mages, Priests, and Warlocks.


Are you happy with the faction your preferred class is associated with? Learn more about the expansion on the Hearthstone Wiki here. You’ll be able to try out Mean Streets of Gadgetzan starting this December.


For more Hearthstone announcements from BlizzCon, visit the BlizzCon Wiki.

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