It's Hunters vs. Runners in Streamline, the High-Octane Spectator Sport of the Future


Today's sporting events are starting to look outdated. People are always going to want to watch competition play out between elite athletes, but today's offerings aren't going to cut it for much longer. Enter Streamline, a high-octane battle between Runners and Hunters for the adulation of baying crowds. Gamepedia and the game's developer, Proletariat, are pleased to announce the Official Streamline Wiki.


Streamline is a bold new experience that's unlike most online multiplayer games of today. Gameplay breaks down into two very different roles; Runners and Hunters.

As a Runner, your job is to use parkour techniques to move around the arena collecting points. Orbs floating around the map will help you keep adding a steady stream of points to your total, but you'll need to complete Bonuses if you really want to rise up the ranks.


Streamline screenshot


The Hunter's task is much more simple. Armed with a stop sign wrenched from the sidewalk, you simply need to swat down Runners and prevent them from racking up points.


This is just the basic run of play — each game of Streamline is made even more competitive and chaotic by the introduction of further mechanics. For instance, in Elimination mode, Runners who are hit by the Hunter are knocked out of the game and respawn as a ghost. In Tag mode, Runners who are hit by the Hunter become the Hunter themselves.


Streamline has been built from the ground up to support Twitch streaming, and as such the game features a number of ways that streamers can draw their viewers into the game. Even if you're just watching your favorite Twitch personalities play the game, you can take part in the experience by betting on the winner, playing minigames against other members of the audience, and even changing the rules of the match in real-time.


Streamline is available for purchase now via Twitch and Steam. For more information about this compelling new multiplayer experience, head to its official website — and for all the tips and tricks you need to excel online, don't forget to consult the Official Streamline Wiki.



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