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Windborne, from Hidden Path Entertainment, is a fantastic new social sandbox game featuring a world that's full of beautiful places to explore and new inventive activities to partake in. Inspired by games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress and the like, Windborne is a magical experience that will leave you aching for more. Gamepedia is proud to not only host the Official Windborne Wiki, but also to share some exciting news with our fans.

Today's news is that Gamepedia is proud to announce the exclusive opening of a public preview period for this innovative title. The preview will begin through Steam on Monday 11/11 for a select few, but Gamepedia will have 6,000 access keys available starting on Thursday 11/14! Gamepedia will be the only source to gain access to the Windborne preview at first, so mark your calendars and set your bookmarks so that you can be sure to claim your key before they're gone!

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During the preview, players will have full access to the game from the minute they get their code and the preview will be running for at least a month, so getting your code here will ensure that you have the maximum amount of time to enjoy this great release! While the game is still considered to be an Alpha release, you'll find that its features are well fleshed-out, featuring a starting island to explore, more than 100 craftable objects for home furnishing, a full set of tools for interacting with the world, and a number of a great features for connecting with your friends and socializing!

In addition to these features you will experience during your preview of the game, the folks at Hidden Path are planning plenty of awesome additions such as quests, more social features, even more objects, and plenty of smaller tweaks and balances to ensure the game is perfect. They will also invite players to offer their feedback during the preview, so you can not only have a blast exploring the game, but also help to make it even better in its final form!

To learn more about Windborne, have a look at the wiki for the most up-to-date information! Happen to find a misplaced comma or found an item in the game that's not on the wiki? We give you the tools you need to be a successful editor! The Help Page has basic information, while the Help Wiki has tutorials. You can always strike up a conversation with your community by joining #Gamepedia in IRC! And of course, don't forget to come back next week to get you exclusive preview of Windborne.



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