Survive the Perils of a Deep Space Mission Gone Wrong in Hellion

Human beings have an amazing capacity to survive in challenging situations, but all bets are off when they're forced to endure the infinite emptiness of space. Hellion invites players to test their mettle against the most unforgiving conditions imaginable, as humans taken far from their comfort zone are forced to battle their surroundings — and perhaps each other — in a desperate attempt to remain alive. Gamepedia and the game's developer, Zero Gravity Games, are pleased to announce the Official Hellion Wiki.


In Hellion, you play as one of many colonists on a journey to a distant star. When you awake after nearly a century in hyper-sleep, you expect to see the gleaming, glittering future of humankind — instead, you see its first interstellar colony in ruins.


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Your first priority is to survive in this unforgiving and unexpected reality. Extreme temperatures, deadly radiation, and the vacuum of space all offer up their own challenges as you strive to gather enough air, water, food, and equipment to stay alive.


Assuming that you're able to survive long enough, your secondary objective is to explore your surroundings in an attempt to figure out how the mission went so badly awry. There are secrets to be found out in the depths of space, but you'll need to venture beyond the station itself to find them. If you're able to commandeer a worthy spaceship, you'll be able to journey to abandoned outposts and warships to pick their bones for intel, resources, and gear — just be sure to confirm that these locations are indeed abandoned...


Here's some footage of Hellion in action:



Hellion is currently in development for PC, with a Steam Early Access launch scheduled for January 2017. For all the latest updates as the game nears completion, head to its official website — and for the inside track on how to survive the journey to deepest space, consult the Official Hellion Wiki.



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