Take to the High Seas in Search of Adventure in Abandon Ship

You're the captain of a seafaring vessel, with tens of worthy hands following your orders. As you navigate uncertain waters, every ship on the horizon could be crewed with pirates eager to begin boarding action, kill your crew, and make off with anything worth grabbing from your cargo hold. In Abandon Ship, you'll need superior tactics and an iron resolve to survive such an assault. Gamepedia and the game's developer, Fireblade Software, are pleased to announce the Official Abandon Ship Wiki.


The high seas are no place for an inexperienced captain. In Abandon Ship, you'll need to get your sea-legs without delay, as there's always a new threat just a few nautical miles away.


As you explore the game's procedurally generated world, you'll come across a vast swathe of different environments ranging from the biting cold of arctic islands to the sunny shores of a tropical paradise. On your way, you'll find a whole host of things to do.


Abandon Ship screenshot


The main questline of Abandon Ship sees you and your crew doing everything in your power to save the world from a doomsday cult. However, word of this threat hasn't yet spread throughout every landmass you come across; more often than not, you'll be charged with taking on sidequests, currying favor with the locals, and perhaps even having a long-lasting influence on the world around you.


Of course, these quests will typically end up with you and your crew fighting off an opposing force of one kind or another — and the game's high level of difficulty will ensure that not every battle ends with you sailing away victorious. However, even if your craft sinks to the seabad, all is not lost. So long as you, the captain, can get to a lifeboat, you can escape and live on to fight another day.


Here's some footage of Abandon Ship in action:



Abandon Ship is scheduled to release on Steam in 2017. Until then, keep up to date with the latest news from the development process via the game's official website — and don't forget to check out the Official Abandon Ship Wiki for a treasure trove of useful information.



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