Battle Your Opponent and the Deadly Kavash in Dropzone, Now is Early Access on Steam

In Dropzone, you need to keep your wits about you if you want to survive. The game challenges you to engage in 15-minute bursts of intense combat where your opponent is only one obstacle you'll face in your race to victory. Success requires smart strategy both before and during each round — and failure simply isn't an option. As of today, Dropzone is now in Early Access on Steam.


Dropzone is a game that requires players to be skillful enough to out-do their opponent and smart enough to out-think them. While the competition itself takes place in the Dropzone, you may well find that many games are won and lost before the fifteen-minute timer even starts ticking away.


Dropzone screenshot


A Dropzone squad is comprised of three combat rigs and their pilots. Currently, the game features a diverse range of characters who fall into one of four different classes: Gunner, Mechanic, Tank, and Summoner. Ensuring that your squad has a balance that benefits your strategy is the first step toward victory.


Once the game begins, your task is to collect as many cores as you possibly can. The only problem is that your quickest path to do so is via the destruction of hives belonging to the Kavash, a deadly alien race. These creatures won't take a particular side — they'll attack anyone and anything that comes near them.


A good Dropzone team needs to be flexible enough to take on the Kavash and their opposing squad all at once. That's no small order, but by testing different combinations of combats rigs and pilots, you'll soon establish strategies that give you the upper hand.


Here's some footage of Dropzone in action:



Sound fun? You can play Dropzone now on Steam. For more details on the game, head to the official website — and for all the inside knowledge you need to defeat your opponents and the Kavash, remember to check out the Official Dropzone Wiki.



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