Gamepedia Exclusive: 6,000 Windborne Codes Available!

Recently, we announced that we host the Official Windborne Wiki at Gamepedia and that we would have on hand 6,000 keys for the Gamepedia community. The time has come! Starting today, if you log in with your Curse account, all you need to do is simply claim our key to have access to the month-long preview of this gorgeous new sandbox title from Hidden Path Entertainment. Equally exciting is that there is no location restriction on this giveaway! Read more about this giveaway here.

Windborne is an exciting new title that blends social aspects in the sandbox genre. You pick and choose which quests you wish to do, befriend and guide jin, explore and visit islands owned by others, craft and improve items and so much more! Need information on crafting or building in Windborne? Check out the official wiki for everything you would need! Windborne will be available for download through Steam.

Interested in becoming a contributor for the Windborne Wiki? We want every member of the community to be as successful as possible, meaning, we give you the tools to be the best contributor possible! For a quick overview, each wiki has a help page that will get you started. See the Help Wiki for tutorials and more in-depth wiki know-how. Additionally, you can chat with your fellow community members, and Gamepedia staff in IRC -- just /join #Gamepedia!


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