New Wiki Monday: Project Spark Wiki


While Project Spark is still in beta, its community is already rapidly growing, with a large pool of dedicated and passionate builders, excitedly ready to share their creations with the world! Our wiki for Project Spark is brand new and is already seeing a good amount of contributions and activity!

Project Spark is an open sandbox game for Windows 8 and Xbox One. It also supports SmartGlass and Kinect, allowing for players to push the limits of their creativity! Developed by Team Dakota, Project Spark is accepting applications to help beta test. There is no concrete release date for Project Spark currently, but the game will be free to play!

We always welcome community contributions, as Gamepedia is built for and by the community! Want to help build Project Spark's wiki, but don't know where to start? Have a look at the help page for tips on contributing and editing!


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