The Lord of Chaos, Archanon, is Waging War on Cards and Castles

Cards and Castles challenges players to combine their tactical talents with a knack for deck-building. Today marks the launch of the game's new expansion, the Archanon War, which is set to add brand new cards with brand new abilities, giving players even more ways to outmatch their opponent. To get the scoop on the new strategies made possible by this new content, there's only one place to go — the Official Cards and Castles Wiki.


Long ago, the land of Carderia was blighted by the Lord of Chaos, an evil mage known as Archanon. He was defeated in a great battle and banished beyond the Door of Madness. The denizens of Carderia hoped that Archanon was gone for good, but as is often the case with beings who are skilled with dark magic, he has now managed to escape his prison to resume his campaign of wickedness and villainy.


The return of Archanon brings deadly new challenges for players of Cards and Castles to overcome. However, it also heralds the arrival of powerful new gameplay mechanics that can be used to seal victory.


Cards and Castles screenshot


For instance, the new Drag ability pulls an enemy forward after attacking — the opposite of the Knockback ability that sends them backward in a similar situation. The new Dramatic Entrance trait allows a minion to be played into the center of the map, opening up all kinds of tactical opportunities.


That's to say nothing of the new cards joining the game with the new expansion, like the hardy Rusty Hooks, the powerful Yennaroth the Frozen, and the villainous Archanon Magic Eater. The Archanon War expansion also introduces a brand new Castle, the appropriately named Cobra Mountain.


Here's some footage of Cards and Castles in action:



The Archanon War expansion for Cards and Castles is available now via Steam. For more information on this exciting card battler, check out the game's official website — and for all the know-how you need to send Archanon back where he came from, don't forget to consult the Official Cards and Castles Wiki.



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