Loot-Laden Tactical RPG Pixel Privateers Blasts Off on Steam


It's tough out there for a mercenary. In Pixel Privateers, a tactical RPG from Quadro Delta and Re-Logic, your team is sent through a mysterious wormhole on an assignment to gather technology for your unscrupulous employer — only once you've made your way through, the wormhole closes, leaving you stranded in uncharted territory. Good luck trying to chase up payment on that one.



Things might seem desperate for the Pixel Privateers, far from home in the deepest depths of space. However, while things might seem bleak, the crew's wormhole woes turn out to be a great opportunity for adventure.


With the cosmos stretched out in front of you, the universe really is your oyster. Try to make it back home — or don't. There are plenty of planets to explore, factions to meet, and loot to discover in your new surroundings. You might find that your crew is happier living off the land in some distant corner of the night sky.



Pixel Privateers screenshot


Of course, you'll need to brush up on your combat skills to earn your keep. Whether you're out there alone or playing co-op with your friends, the best crews will bring together a range of skills and abilities in order to take on any challenge that's thrown your way.


Think you've mastered the game? It's time to check out Hardcore Mode, which introduces a permadeath mechanic that's sure to make you second-guess every single decision. Of course, there are plenty of difficulty options for players to get started with, too.


Pixel Privateers is available now on Steam, and it's currently 15% off. For more details on this loot-filled tactical RPG, check out the game's official website — and for all the inside info you need to thrive among the stars, don't forget to consult the Official Pixel Privateers Wiki.





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