Build Your Deck and Fight to Win in Astral Heroes

Ready to dive into a brand new collectible card game? Astral Heroes is a deeply challenging, engagingly competitive take on the genre that's free from paywalls and won't make you grind for months to get the best cards — it's all about you, your deck, and the player you're up against. Gamepedia and the game's developer, Apus Software, are pleased to announce the Official Astral Heroes Wiki.


Apus Software knows a thing or two about how to make a compelling collectible card game. Astral Heroes is a spiritual sequel to the studio's earlier game, Astral Masters, which continues to maintain a healthy player base even more than a decade after its initial release.


Of course, times change, and that's why the team decided to create a new take on the genre. In Astral Heroes, the emphasis is on straightforward core gameplay that's simple to learn, but flexible enough to provide ample depth for the most dedicated deck builders.


Astral Heroes screenshot


Balance is key to any collectible card game, and Astral Heroes has been designed such that each and every card has a purpose. Don't worry about your card collection being filled up with junk — in the right hands, any card can have the power to decide the outcome of a game.


Challenging other players is a big part of the Astral Heroes experience, but the game's developers understand that not everyone wants to jump into competitive play. You can take on a variety of skilled AI opponents to test your abilities, or you can make your way through the game's single-player campaign to get to grips with the flow of battle.


Here's some footage of Astral Heroes in action:



Astral Heroes is available now via Steam. For more information on the game, check out its official website — and for all the help you need to create a truly formidable deck, head straight to the Official Astral Heroes Wiki.




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