Test Your Brainpower with Programming Puzzler God is a Cube

Ready to test your gray matter? God is a Cube is a challenging puzzle game that will separate the eggheads from the meatheads, and the brainiacs from the bozos. In order to make your way through the game's 100-level campaign, you'll need to understand exactly what it takes to program a higher power — and that's not easy.


God is a Cube is a programming puzzle game, inspired by similar titles like Human Resource Machine and SpaceChem. In this case, players are tasked with using nanomachines to construct artificial intelligences, which are comprised of graphical symbols that represent individual actions.


The game takes place in a world made from cubes stacked inside one another like Russian nesting dolls. Your job is to instruct the Divine Cube on how to negotiate increasingly complex environments constructed entirely from cubes.


God is a Cube screenshot


Things start off relatively simple, as players are eased into the mental gymnastics required to make the Divine Cube move as intended. However, the action soon accelerates, and you'll need to think very carefully in order to keep up. When concepts like wall detection and logic gates come into play, only the most inquisitive minds will be able to crack the solution and complete each puzzle.


Here's some footage of God is a Cube in action:



God is a Cube is scheduled to launch on Steam before the end of 2017 — but you can get your hands on the game right now if you're desperate to get started. Its developer, Marc Kruzik, is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on the game's official website, where backers can buy a copy and enjoy an early bird discount. For more information on this mind-bending programming puzzler, don't forget to check out the Official God is a Cube Wiki.



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