Super Senso Is a Mobile Game with Addictive Multiplayer Melee

Super Senso


Super Senso is turn-based strategy with a twist. When armies made up of zombies, cats, dinosaurs, mechs, and more do battle, anything can happen. This is a brand new multiplayer experience that's about to command hours of your time in short, action-packed bursts — and it's available right now on iOS and Android.


It's often been said that war never changes, but in the world of Super Senso, it's changed quite a bit. Players are given the freedom to create truly outlandish armies, smashing together various units to create a force that can leave their rivals in the dust.


Perhaps your frontline of tentacled aliens is backed up by a formidable assortment of long-range tanks. Maybe you'll pair a creeping onslaught of brain-hungry zombies with a powerful high-tech mech unit. You might even decide to include a ferocious cat in your squad — truly an intimidating sight from across the battlefield.


As you progress through Super Senso, understanding its mechanics and winning matches, you'll start unlocking chests. These chests unlock brand new units that can join your army and upgrade your existing forces. All the while, you'll be able to level up heroes, making sure that you get a little bit stronger with every passing encounter.


Here's some footage of Super Senso in action:



Super Senso is available now via the App Store and the Google Play Store. For more information on this addictive new multiplayer melee, check out the game's official website — and for all the inside info you need to beat your mates, don't forget to consult the Official Super Senso Wiki.



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