Sons of the Void, a New Indie Dungeon Crawler, Continues Its Kickstarter Campaign


It was a completely normal day when something awoke inside of you; suddenly, knowledge of The Void and its need for your service appeared inside your mind. It was this day that you became a Son of the Void, also known as a Voidling, and began to investigate the universe for core pieces that would restore The Void's power. Led by the powerful Nomad, it's up to the you and the other Voidlings to save the universe from destruction. This is the story of Sons of the Void, a dungeon crawler by Grogshot Games currently on Kickstarter.


Set to initially release on Steam, Sons of the Void allows you to control a three-member squad tasked with completing missions on dangerous planets. You can only control one of the squad members at a time, but you can swap between characters at any point. There will be at least nine different Voidlings at launch, each with different skills and play styles. Whether you choose to utilize The Spike, a ruthless bounty hunter, or The Chevalier, a hearty space sailor, is up to you.


Sons of the Void on Kickstarter


The missions you encounter are procedurally generated, and each mission will have a different main objective and difficulties to encounter. Additionally, sub-missions or events often appear, giving you plenty of content to experience in the game. You travel to these different missions using your spaceship, and - thanks to the its LHVC technology - you'll receive secondary effects during your journey that will last the entirety of the mission. Some effects, like Oily Feet, will make your squad slide over terrain. Others, like Security, will increase every squad member's life. These secondary effects will alter several aspects of your core gameplay, forcing you to adapt to new conditions with every mission.


There are still 10 days left to help support Sons of the Void on Kickstarter, and several amazing backer rewards are available. In addition to a digital copy of the game, you can also receive an exclusive Kickstarter weapon, exclusive character skins, and even awesome merch like t-shirts and stickers. After you've checked out the game's Kickstarter, be sure to swing by the Official Wiki to learn even more about this upcoming title.


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